Friday, July 30, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Episode #369 Debbie Potts & Kelsey Hess of Get Kion

Get Kion content creator and health coach, Kelsey Hess, joins me today to dive into hot topics.

What has Kelsey been working on? What does HEALTH mean to you? Anything on how we should do to build our immune system? Does fasting work for people trying to build up immune system (cell autophagy)? How can we avoid gaining the Covid-19 Lbs. What health building protocol are you following? Upcoming predictions in our industry? Additional articles to read: Do you want to get your body and vibrant self back? Do you struggle with chronic fatigue, burnout and breakdown?

The struggle is real and you are not alone.

Debbie helps driven and ambitious people, who are trying to do all the “right” things, investigate what is actually going on “under the hood” to get their body and vibrant self back.

Perhaps you have seen multiple doctors and experts, but they tell you everything is “normal” and there is nothing wrong with you. That was my experience. I refused to believe that “nothing is wrong with me” and this is part of “getting older”. This was not going to be the new me and stop me from investigating what was really going on from the inside out – under the hood.

You have a choice to take care of the WHOLE you and even transform the WHOLE you from the inside out. Please don’t give up and settle, as the struggle is real, and you are not alone. If you feel exhausted trying to do all the “right” things and still can’t feel, move, or look better then we need to take a different approach.

Remember- the definition of Insanity is …

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If you are stuck in the “cycle of trial and error” then it is time to take a different approach and look at the WHOLE person with “The WHOLESTIC Method” investigation coaching program if you want to REPAIR-REBUILD-RESTORE the WHOLE you to be a fat burner, health optimizer and reach peak athletic performance gains.

Schedule a call with Coach Debbie here to discovery more.

Debbie Potts

Health Coach, Author, Speaker & Podcaster

Host of ‘The Low Carb Athlete’ Health Building Podcast

Creator of ‘The WHOLESTIC Method’ Coaching Program




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