Friday, July 30, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

The One About Weight Science

This video discusses the shortcomings of weight science, and confronts beliefs about weight and health we may have taken for granted but which are actually less clear than many believe.

Weight Inclusive and Weight Normative Approaches – 1:15
Obesity and Mortality – 2:58
Obesity and Morbidity – 4:11
Everyone Can Lose Weight – 6:39
Internal Theories of Weight – 8:30
Losing Weight and Improving Health – 14:16

All music from Epidemic Sound
Arc De Soleil – Totem Transport
Helmut Schenker – Going for a Walk
Playtown – Don’t Wak’em Up
Harry Edvino – Chasing Your Tail
Sarah, the Illstrumentalist – Del Ray
Amaranth Cove – Balance
Harry Edvino – Clown Lost His Shoes
House of Say – Cool Down Now


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