Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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10 thoughts on “Who I am Voting for – Trump or Biden? + Ice bath :)
  1. I've only recently in 2018 mid term election remembered that I'm an American citizen/national and can vote by overseas ballot. I kind of knew that before, but have never been inspired enough to vote. I heard that Trump was supposed to be the 'outsider' 'Maverick' 'dark horse' that was not THEIR choice. I know all about the puppet on the left and the puppet on the right, and how THEY have always backed and controlled both sides. BUT……. when Trump did win the 2016 election I did get a little bit excited, and when he then did get so much bad press…….SO MUCH….unprecedented amounts of bad mouthing bad press…. to the point of alarmingly bad, disrespectful, unfair etc…… I thought OK maybe they're doing it on purpose to increase his support, to make him seem like the underdog, whereas he's really just executing their agenda by the back door, by the soft option….. it wouldn't be the first time that we've seen political theatre and factions warring against eachother that are best friends behind the scenes……. but this time the psy op just seemed too real/ too good/ too convincing?

    Also Trump's policies, and real actions, seem rather decisively to be going against their agenda. He's come out against the global warming carbon emissions reduction scam, and pulled out of the Paris agreement! Full points from me for that! Made US energy independent. Brought back coal and gas, and people are talking of him bringing in free Tezla energy anyway.
    And him releasing all the cures for all diseases which have been suppressed by the Rockefeller pharmaceutical mafia. He's already mentioned blood plasma therapy. Convalescent blood plasma. Also ultra violet light infused blood plasma therapy. Also the sun killing 'the virus'.

    They way he talks and the way he mentions super important things in passing, he reveals he knows way more than people tend to give him credit for, even the ones who support and love him. I think he's a very special person and I couldn't dream of anyone better to be president of the US.

  2. Itโ€™s not an election, itโ€™s a selection. If you vote the lesser of evils, you are still voting for evil. Step away from the system and work on being the president of yourself. Find people to help you (like Matthew) to be on your board So that you can get guidance and make clear decisions.

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