Monday, October 18, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

How We Make New Mitochondria (Biogenesis Explained)

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Questions that will be answered within this video:
– What is mitochondrial biogenesis?
– What is the importance of mitochondrial biogenesis?



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37 thoughts on “How We Make New Mitochondria (Biogenesis Explained)
  1. Thomas!!! You need to do a follow up video to this one based on this research:

    "We show here that C18:0 ingestion rapidly and robustly causes mitochondrial fusion in people within 3 h after ingestion. C18:0 intake also causes a drop in circulating long-chain acylcarnitines, suggesting increased fatty acid beta-oxidation in vivo.
    This work thereby identifies C18:0 as a dietary metabolite that is sensed by our bodies to control our mitochondria."

  2. A for effort. 😊 But I understand the science stuff and studies better. Even though I'm not exactly physiologically inclined… 😉 Love your videos, though. 🥰 Love from Denmark, Scandinavia ❤️

  3. I admire you so much. I study nutrition and love everything biology, anatomy, chemistry and researching. But your passion towards research is amazing. Being able to look through so many sources and books and articles, understanding everything, having so much knowledge, that's just great and I wish I was like you some day. That's it, just had to say it

  4. Yo man are you dieing or something… what's wrong with your lip,you look weak with dark circles…you should look and feel healthy when you speak about fitness… don't forget the basics…or at least explain the situation before you start taking about your subject.

  5. Another thing to note about Four Sigmatic… I get it from Thrive with all their discounts and regular price at about $15 per box of 10 instant coffee packets. I found them at a local supermarket Wegman's for friggin $27. So you save by using Thrive… at least on Four Sigmatic… or not using Wegmans haha

    By the way the "analogy" was a bit harsh. The solution to workplace inefficiency isn't extermination camps… Yeah yeah, I get the idea, but as an analogy… sheeeesh… "And then you just lock those workers up… I mean, they're not doing anything anyway! What?"

  6. Hey Thomas. Based on your channel I've set on a journey of massive weight loss. If i can prove that i've achieved a massive weight loss (more than 50kg) would you be so kind as to Autograph a cap for me?. You probably wont read this but theres a glimmer of hope that you will.

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