Monday, October 18, 2021
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The Skinny on Diet Trends

Keto, intermittent fasting, plant-based, oh my! With so many diets to choose from, each promoting superior weight loss results, the choices can be overwhelming. Join us as we take a look at some of the most popular diet trends and how each stacks up in terms of weight loss and overall health benefits.

Sara Kooperman is the CEO and owner of SCW Fitness Education & WATERinMOTION®. 
Sam Roth is a Ph.D. candidate in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at the University of California, San Diego in Dr. Christopher Benner’s lab. His research specializes in using next-generation sequencing technologies to understand gene regulation. 
Amanda Fearheiley has been a registered and licensed dietitian for over 20 years and has been immersed in the fitness field for over 15 years. Her passion is helping others learn how to use food as fuel and food for improving health. 
Sohailla Digsby is a registered dietician, author, and developer of the life-changing 52-Day Best Body Countdown program for fitness professionals, which brings sound nutrition and accountability to their fitness and wellness facilities.

We will address the following topics:
1. When it comes to fat loss, should I be counting calories or tracking macros?
2. Are there contraindications for certain diets (e.g. pregnancy, diabetes, etc)?
3. What currently popular diet trends are sustainable long term?
4. Are there any benefits to a gluten-free diet if there is no medical need to avoid gluten?
5. What nutritional advice can I give to clients while staying within my scope?


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