Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

What is Dry Brushing and What are the Benefits?

I have been dry brushing for almost 3 years! Here is more about it + the biggest benefit I’ve seen anddd how to do it!
Dry Brush Blog Post: https://www.lmentsofstyle.com/blogfeed/i-tried-dry-brushing-heres-what-happened?rq=
– Primally Pure Dry Brush – use discount code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off : https://bit.ly/3ftQQYp
– Small Dry Brush: https://amzn.to/35DMwl5
– Dry Brush with Handle: https://bit.ly/2A3OcbG
– Facial Dry Brush: https://bit.ly/2WAiKcN
– Jade Roller: https://bit.ly/35DIYPM (use code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off)
– Gua Sha Stone: https://bit.ly/2Wdbd4z (use code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off)
– Tank Top: https://bit.ly/3bcTte6
– Glasses: https://bit.ly/2NjkK6m
– Wall Hanging is old, similar here: https://bit.ly/2ys4b2K


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