Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Why is this Ancient Lake Full of Human Skeletons?

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In 1942, a park ranger patrolling the vast wilderness of the Himalayas stumbled across a small isolated lake 16,500 feet above sea level. He just happened to stumble across one of the most astonishing and fascinating anthropological finds of the 21st century that very few people have even heard about – an ancient lake with over 800 human skeletons.

Scientists and researchers have been investigating the mysterious Roopkund Lake in Indian state of Uttarakhand for decades. With the public now calling it “Skeleton Lake”, this strange site attracts tourists and hikers from all over the world to see this disturbing watery graveyard. As tourists flock by the hundreds, with many of them disturbing the remains and even taking them home as souvenirs, scientists and researchers are in a desperate race against time to uncover all that they can about this enigmatic anthropological site.

Who were these people? How did they die? How did they remain hidden and undisturbed for thousands of years?

Jym Pagel – Research, writing, production, editing, music

Special thanks –
PapaDocs for topic suggestion
BylliGoat – Playing the interrogator
John Obrien – Fact check on science stuff

Referenced video further explaining how bone isotope analysis teaches us about the diet of ancient peoples – “Paleodiet: Principles of Stable Isotope Analysis” – Centre for Innovation – Leiden University – https://youtu.be/CN83D-ra4_o

0:00 Prologue: The Himalayas
7:35 Chapter 1
11:50 Chapter 2
15:21 Chapter 3
20:50 Chapter 4
24:45 Epilogue: Exactly Like Us

Sources – https://bit.ly/2QB7wp7

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39 thoughts on “Why is this Ancient Lake Full of Human Skeletons?

    Sorry, I’m only halfway through the video but I was reminded of hunger games for some reason when you were describing the dna lol

  2. It’s kind of interesting that out of the hundreds of humans found hidden within the lake, there were only two genders discovered. Modern universities are probably teaching that this was a burial site for fascists.

  3. Love the info in the video, but I have a hard time watching because of the loud and hectic music. Idk if it is bc I'm stressed or anything, but I would love if you toned it down a little. Still gonna watch bc this is interesting af

  4. I guess I'm the only person that couldn't care less. Who gives a fuck? A lake with a bunch of bodies. OK. Interesting. But why the scary? Why the concern about preserving? Who cares where they came from? Who cares that the Indian government doesn't care? Why do we all care? For Christ's sake, you could say these things about any acre, on any continent, in any country around the world. I guess I just don't see the value. People live, people die. It's been this way for the entirety of human existence. If we try to preserve everything unusual…everywhere…we'd never progress. If it's that popular, slap a freakin' Starbucks on that shit and make bank. This is fun and interesting, but ultimately it's bullshit.

  5. I sort of have a theory, at least one that’s as good as anything the experts could think of…

    Honestly, I’m kind of just spitballing but, didn’t Alexander the Great push towards India? Perhaps some hoplites recruited from Crete just kept on going, but I’m not sure if that timeline lines up. This is the only reason, much less way, I can think of that anyone from Crete would end up around Northern India before airplanes. If anyone else can think of another good reason or way I’d love to hear it.

  6. Group A) Beautiful area, the people otherwise healthy and tall, from different areas… That sounds like a few royal/upper echelon coup.
    Group B) How those from Crete got there may be a mystery. But considering the amount of time they were there, means they could have been ambushed. Upon seeing a burial ground it only makes sense to use it. The fact they're mummified isn't unusual, I mean the biggest desert is Antarctica
    It would be insincere and intellectually dishonest to say this mountain has never been climbed before modern man, that it has remained desolate since its inception.

  7. Btw the whole “prologue” bit is just an advertisement for raid shadow legends just thought I’d let you know cause I’m honestly sick of seeing their advertisements for their shitty game everywhere like don’t get me wrong I like nightdocs I don’t have anything against them I just hate seeing their misleading ads everywhere it’s literally just a crappy mobile game it’s not “console quality” like they say it is.

  8. I didn't get a notification for this video when it came out! I'm a bit annoyed with YT for that but at least I have a new NightDocs video to placate me.

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