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Dirty Secrets of the Wine Industry – Todd White

This week’s episode I had the pleasure of interviewing and speaking with Todd White, who is the founder of Dry Farm Wines. I had heard of Dry Farm Wines for years now, after attending the Bulletproof Conference in 2016 and being exposed to these natural wines. Up until then, I had never heard of biodynamic natural wines and their health benefits. All I knew was they were better for you and I have to say they tasted really good.

Since then I’ve made it a point to try and buy biodynamic organic wines, and in the last six months I’ve switched to nothing but Dry Farm Wines. So what makes Dry Farm Wines so special? Honestly, after the interview with Todd, I discovered it’s not only what they put in the wine that makes them special, it’s what they don’t put in the wine! The wine industry is not required to put labels on their bottles, and therefore, there’s a huge lack of transparency. Especially, since I learned that most wines use up to 70+ additives! That’s not even including the toxic herbicides and pesticides and other cancer causing toxins such as Glyphosate that are being sprayed on the crops. Additives such as “Mega Purple”, a commercial coloring agent concentrate that is produced and sold by Constellation (the 3rd largest wine producer in the world), is a commonly used additive in winemaking that enhances the fruit flavor of a wine and adds a deeper color. It’s estimated that 10,000 gallons are sold every year, and added to about 25 million bottles of wine. It’s used in a majority of low and moderately priced wines, but can also be used to touch up expensive premium wines. Almost every red wine under $15 has “Mega Purple” in it

The Dry Farm Wines Difference

Statistically Sugar Free. Every wine is fermented completely dry, with less than 0.15 grams per 5oz glass. This includes rosé, sparkling, and white wine.

Lower Alcohol. With the national alcohol average nearing 15%, our wines never surpass 12.5% alc/vol, with some as low as 7%.

Lower Sulfites. Our wines average a very low 39 parts per million. In the US, by law sulfites are allowed in amounts up to 350 parts per million (ppm) in wine.

No Additives. While commercial wine companies may use up to 70+ FDA-approved additives, including thickeners and dyes, to create a shelf stable product.

All Native Yeast. Our pure Natural Wines are only fermented with wild, native yeast growing naturally on grapes. Commercial wines are fermented with GMO lab cultured yeasts.


2:40 – How Todd got started in the wine business
8:15 – The Dry Farms Wine culture and practices
13:15 – The Dry Farms Wine hiring process and why it’s the backbone of their culture
16:09 – How Todd created the Dry Farms Wine culture
24:56 – What’s wrong with commercial wines? The secrets of the wine industry.
28:54 – How Dry Farms Wine makes sugar free wine
33:17 – How much glyphosate is used in wine making in the Napa Valley?
39:50 – The certification process of the Dry Farm Wines
49:00 – Why Todd is so bullish on fasting
57:20 – What do you Master Sommelier’s think of Dry Farm Wines?
59:00 – What makes a wine cost $100 or $20?
1:02:00 – What’s Todd’s favorite wine?
1:04:50 – What are orange wines?

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