Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Dr Vas Shah on Quantum Health

A mind blowing and wide ranging conversation with Dr Vas Shah on Quantum Biology, red light therapy, artificial light, sunlight, Electromagnetic frequencies, deuterium, mitochondria and much more…


I help Entrepreneurs and Executives get healthy and stay healthy – giving you the tools needed to maintain your edge and take control of your health, naturally.

Pharmacology based medicine isn’t working. It’s an outdated and obsolete paradigm.

Quantum Biology applies the principles in Quantum Physics to Human Biology representing the new Frontier for Science. Quantum Biology allows us to understand ourselves not just from the cellular but even deeper – from the sub-atomic level and from here we can reverse engineer the disease process.

Your genes are NOT your destiny. The science of epigenetics proves that your environment is the biggest predictor of health outcomes – that puts YOU back in the driving seat.

Not making any progress with the medical professions?

Then say hello and take a Quantum Leap …to your health.

Topics discussed:

– What is a Quantum Nutritionist/ Clinician?
– What is Quantum Biology
– The Seven Pillar Plan
– Lasers and Light Therapy Technology
– Red and Infrared Light
– Trying a Vegan Diet
– Chronometer Nutrition Calculator
– Vas’s Health Challenges- Anxiety and Chronic Insomnia
– Dr Jack Kruse
– Trying Jack’s Protocol
– High Carbohydrates
– Blue Light Blocking Glasses
– Blue / Green Light and Sleep
– Raw Beef Liver, Sunlight and Grounding
– UV light and Testosterone
– Morley Robbins and Copper https://www.nourishmeorganics.com.au/blogs/nmo-gut-health-journal/morley-robbins-on-copper-deficiency-and-mineral-balance
– Blood Donations and Iron
– Iron and B Vitamin Fortification in Food
– Copper and Zinc
– Ancestral Eating
– Meal Timing and Circadian Rhythm
– Blue Light, Melatonin, ROS Free Radicals, Mitochondria
– Deuterium Depletion and Mitochondria
– Mitochondria Defined
– ATP the energy currency
– Mitochondria and Disease
– Heart, Brain and Gut Mitochondrial Density
– Deuterium in the Environment
– Deuterium and Grains
– Deuterium Depletion
– Cold Thermogenesis (CT)
– Artificial Lighting vs Sunlight
– Modern Living
– Impact of Quantum Biology on Gut Health
– Glyphosate
– Gut Brain Connection
– Trusting your Food Supply
– Grass Fed and Deuterium
– Quantising to an environment
– Eating Local
– The impact of Lattitude
– Mitochondria
– Yolked to the Sun and Earth
– Cancer and Metabolic Diseases
– EMFs
– Energy and Disease
– Cold Thermogenesis (CT) Continued
– Fasting and Keto
– Exclusion Zone Water
– Training in Sunlight
– Mitochondrial Latitude
– Vas’s Protocol
– Vas’s Top Gut Health Tip

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