Monday, October 25, 2021
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Podcast with Dr. Jay Montgomery – The Quantum Ophthalmologist Unpacks Why Your Eyes+Light Is Health

Dr. Jay Montgomery is a South Carolina based opthamologist with a unique quantum perspective. Having gotten ill himself due to blue-light toxicity he had to ditch decades of traditional training and education as Western medicine continued to fail him. He is now dedicated to educating the masses about the quantum effects of the modern environment on health and disease and how to use a proper light environment to optimize your circadian biology and therefore your mitochondrial health and therefore your overall health.

Join us as we explore:

· How it took Dr. Jay getting ill to question traditional ophthalmology medicine.
· Why the eye is your most important metabolic organ.
· The critical importance of the retinal hypothalamic tract to your health
· Dr. Jay’s non-negotiable circadian routine
· What factors determine the amount of sun exposure you need
· The importance of adapting oneself safely to sun exposure
· What is the right vitamin d levels and how to get it
· Why vitamin d supplementation is not the same as the sun
· How hiding from the sun is as toxic as smoking cigarettes
· The critical importance of melatonin to sleep and therefore health
· Why not all DHA is made the same – vegan vs natural DHA
· How all glasses and contact lenses block the light you need
· What vitamin A is and why you need it
· What to do about dry eyes
· The connection between light and inflammation
· The evolutionary need for more sun for native Africans
· Dr. Jay’s advice on how to sustain transformation

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His 10 step circadian optimization process
How the sun is vital to our wellbeing
How much sun is necessary
How much vitamin D is necessary
How melatonin is one of our most crucial hormones

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