Monday, October 25, 2021

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One thought on “Pomegranate Maple Kombucha and Maple Water-Natuaral Elixir
  1. Lol. We just chatted, and I sent a couple of emails but am having uploading difficulties. Kombucha is the bomb! I first thought, at first peek, the bottle on the right had a homemade Yooper Airlock, but I guess u just weighted it down, 😊Go Wild, Kellie! , phil
    P. S. Kellie, below is a video by Youtuber, Girl in the Woodz. Her and hubby Dave, YouTuber Bush Radical, own property in the U. P., Montana, and Alaska, like someone else😁. Below is a link, to Brooke's story, and it is a magical creation. All the best, phil
    P. S. Kellie, I know you're sometimes data challenged, being frequently in remote locales with less than stellar internet connectivity, but you just gotta check out Brooke and her video. She bounces from Alaska, Montana, to MI U. P. like another Tomboy Renaissance lady I know😊

    A Girl in The Woods by Brooke Whipple

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