Saturday, October 16, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Fasted Exercise & Fat Loss: science review

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43 thoughts on “Fasted Exercise & Fat Loss: science review
  1. Another awesome vlog-today!! Your breakdown of science is simply engrossing. I screen shot excerpts for review & validation of my (2yr) new-lifestyle. Now (63yro), I'm living the benefits of strict IF, Keto, hard-resistance training & periodized nutrition. My new Renpho scale surprised me; w/ (12.4%) body fat and muscle mass near (83%) my total body weight!! Had to share on this post; cause my beer-belly, drug prescribed peers think I'm nuts. God Bless you, Mike . . . 💪🏼😉🇺🇸

  2. OMAD ….one day could be breakfast, the next day could be dinner, depending on work and activities. Always low carb, moderate fats, high protein, 2000+ calories. So the Fasting lengths will vary from day to day. Some days 8 hours, some days 36 hours. Always 1 meal.

  3. Mike, around 23:00 you talk about how nasal breathing can help with Covid symptoms.
    Do you think that the fact that those who get put on a ventilator no longer has O2 passing through the sinuses may contribute to the common faster decline of those patients?

  4. I fast 23 hrs a day, 1 hr feeding window… I lift weights to failure 4 times a day… the key is the weight lifting takes about 5-7 minutes per session. I’m a monster. I don’t wear a face diaper… no one says, boo to me. I think everyone is different, motivation is the difference maker. When I played football my coach called it, heart. Sometimes I think that nutritionalists and health experts try to explain discipline and motivation as dietary factors.

  5. I really like this channel a lot, I wish you stayed more straight and to the point with your presentation style. You do a lot of tiny little tangents that to me don’t help drive home the main info, but instead distract. It’s very hard to listen to and still get the important info.

  6. Please don't talk like death is the only big risk from SARS-CoV-2. An old friend of mine "recovered" from Covid-19 and has a stroke a week later-they are in their early 60's. There are substantial other risks.

  7. Great info. I usually workout in a fasted state. Run early in the am but after my run I’m usually starving and can’t finish my intermittent fasting 😬

  8. Soooo much valuable info! Thx!!!! Gonna try to stop eating earlier in the night, stick with fasted cardio like I’ve done for years, but I need to eat before I lift because i think definitely hurting my workouts when I lift fasted. You’re awesome, Mike. Ty!

  9. One form of fasted cardio that doesn’t increase hunger in my experience is brisk walking. It’s also highly effective at targeting fat. I’ve had the greatest improvement in body composition in my entire life just doing intermittent fasting (fasting for 22-24 hours weekdays, 18/6 one day on the weekend, and a 13-15 hour fast the other day), healthy keto, and walking everyday in a fasted state. It’s worked where counting calories and following the conventional wisdom failed repeatedly, allowing me to achieve things that I didn’t think were possible. The reason I’m such a staunch advocate for fasting is because I want people who are frustrated with the outcomes of following the conventional wisdom to know that there’s another path that could possibly salvage their quality of life.

  10. info coming in fast-fast rate with lots of medical vocabulary and here it comes and Boom there it went, what about talking to us normal guys and say things like, fast before workouts, do intermittent fasting, etc, we want to learn and not sit in a lecture with lots of words but simple instructions that are lost with too much clinical talk and not enough sensible just do this and not that, so we can chart our path to weight loss and health care for living and aging.

  11. Mike, all your guests have said never do fasted weight training including Ben greenfield, fasted cardio at moderate pace no issues but never recommended for weight training days

  12. What are your thoughts on being fasting and taking a probiotic, omega and vitamin d .. should u take them while u are fasting for example 24 plus hours ? Should You avoid taking them on your fasting days

  13. 14:44
    Waited for it. I know what fasted weight training is like if you are advanced and really want to go after it. Pumps are trash and your endurance during your sets are greatly reduced.
    Another thing that runs contrary to my fasting/ bodybuilder lifestyle is taking protein before bed. Multiple studies show the benefits of slow digestion protein before bed. Got to take my protein before bed if I hit the gym that day.
    That’s why I’m more of an periodic extended fast person.
    everyone’s personal goals are different

  14. Mike this is really helpful. But could you summarise the science? A 59 yr old female who like Dianna does OMAD and exercises in the fasted state but I eat at 6 and sleep at 9. Good for CVD?

  15. Your channel is trying to help people to get off medications and become healthier but in this video you tried to justify there are people lives less important than our economy. That was a bold statement.

  16. Good info, thanks. By the way, have you checked the latest article of jama about time restricted eating on weight loss? Would be great to know your comments on that.

  17. Means I'm having the best of both worlds, calorie deficit and time restricted feeding for the last 555 days.. plus: I always have 13-15 hours between my last meal and midpoint of sleep

    No wonder I lost 200lb so far 😍

  18. In army bct we always did pt first thing after wake up then chow. Basically did 16/8 fast and worked out fasted so makes sense and I havent been in as good of shape since lol.

  19. I was bought by the fasted excercise, but direct experience did teach me that a small light breakfast before a workout does so much more good, keeps cortisol low without slowing me down. Proteins and carbs do the work for me. This is so contrary to the keto telling but it works much better for me. Small amounts of carbs, kind of "ignition"

  20. I want to know the magnesium and ceruloplasmin-bound copper status of the people in these studies. Why is this relevant?
    Magnesium and bio-copper appear to be mitochondrial rate limiters, and these two nutrients appear to be more depleted over time since they are not added to the soil (NPK — this actually blocks copper absorption!) and numerous things most people do block their absorption from what little we ingest.
    Are these studies only relevant to Mg and Cu depleted people?
    Shouldn't the focus be on renutrifying and detoxifying instead of adapting best to a denutrified and toxified state?

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