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Getting Ripped in your 40's with John Brooks // Not Almost There Podcast

John Brooks is a Certified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN) and Precision Nutrition (level 1) certified and has a B.S. in Biology from DePaul University and an M.S. in Nutrition & Wellness from Benedictine University. He has over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Much of that time was spent in the supplement industry, and as a result, John has a vast knowledge about supplements and the evidence for and against using various ones. John is the founder of Nutrition 361, which is based in suburban Chicago and works with people all over the world. When John is not coaching clients, he trains and competes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and holds the rank of black belt.

→IN THIS EPISODE… Joe discusses with John myths about fitness and working out once you are in your 40s. John explains best practices to get in shape and how to start changing your unhealthy habits today. Get a pad and pen ready because there are valuable tips you won’t want to miss.

🔍 Breakdown with John Brooks:
Chapter 1 (0:00​) Introducing John Brooks
Joe introduces John, and he shares his credentials.

Chapter 2 (0:57) Demystify getting ripped in your 40’s
Many people feel like you can’t get in shape the older you get. John explains the variables, and age is not a significant factor.

Chapter 3 (3:15​) Percentage of diet vs fitness
John takes an 80/20 approach to diet and fitness. He advises 80% nutrition-based energy and 20% energy from physical activity.

Chapter 4 (5:58) Calculating your metabolic rate
Once you establish your metabolic rate you can establish a fitness plan to capitalize on the way your body burns calories.

Chapter 5 (8:25) Focus on the week
Don’t focus on your daily calorie goal, focus on your weekly calorie deficit goal wholistically. It will be less discouraging if you have a high-calorie day, but a deficit the rest of the week.

Chapter 6 (13:26) Knowing your real weight
Don’t focus on weighing yourself every week, because that can be discouraging. John shares the variable of having fluctuating weight. John encourages taking photos to see the impact on your body.

Chapter 7 (15:00) Reducing water intake
Joe shared that he was drinking a gallon of water a day. John explains the reason that some people can intake too much water, and cutting your water and salt intake in half is often beneficial.

Chapter 8 (​16:42) Focus on the macros
Macro is an abbreviation of the word ‘macronutrient’ and simply refers to the three main nutrient groups: fats, carbohydrates, protein. John explains how to figure out your macros.

Chapter 9 (21​:45) Track your calories
John encourages finding how many calories you are taking in on a given day to make sure you aren’t going over your calorie deficit. Joe shares how calorie tracking really helped with his intermittent snacking.

Chapter 10 (26:08) Losing weight
The best way to lose weight is to focus on a calorie deficit diet, period. John also discusses some of the fad diets and how they are not sustainable.

Chapter 11 (34:25) Protein intake and fasting
Fasting is an eating schedule. It’s important to remember what you eat and how much you eat are more important than the amount of time in between meals.

Chapter 12 (37:30) Reducing your alcohol consumption
Reducing the amount of alcohol you drink is a huge factor in getting ripped in your 40’s. You don’t have to completely deprive yourself, but if you can limit your drinking you will see a significant impact.

Chapter 13 (45:40) Recommended supplements
John is a minimalist when it comes to supplements, but he definitely recommends, protein powder, vitamin D, collagen, and a few others. Make sure to consult your physician before deciding which supplements to take.

Chapter 14 (52:09) Where to start
For someone who is just starting out, a good place to start is resistance training. Also, diet is so important when starting out, and John shares some mindset tips to help overcome starting your mindful food journey.

Chapter 15 (59:01) Put yourself first
People say they don’t have time, but you aren’t making your health a priority. Focus on your “why” behind your workout, and try to develop a good routine. John also explains where to start; Keep It Simple!

Chapter 16 (1:11:09) In Closing
Joe wraps it up with John, and will have John on in a future episode and will dive into the best workout/fitness routines.

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→My Fitness Pal (calorie tracking app)

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