Monday, October 25, 2021
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Ep. 250 | Lifestyle Clutter (with @Ben Greenfield Fitness)

Joshua and Ryan talk about all the extra things we do, and the extraneous activities, obligations, and tasks we commit to that make our lives more complicated with author and fitness expert Ben Greenfield. Watch “Maximal” episodes of The Minimalists Private Podcast exclusively at

Questions answered in this episode:

How do I let go of limiting beliefs? (06:09)

How do I reconcile my creativity and my desire for profit? (06:34)

How important are mission statements? (07:05)

How important is the skill of delegation for creatives? (11:03)

How do I appropriately delegate responsibilities and obligations? (13:32)

What are some opportunities for diversification? (16:42)

How can I ensure I’m planning an intentional life as a senior in high school? (22:51)

How do I determine my purpose? (23:52)

How important is adaptability and flexibility? (31:52)

How do we appropriately minimize commitments and obligations? (34:22)

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16 thoughts on “Ep. 250 | Lifestyle Clutter (with @Ben Greenfield Fitness)
  1. One thought on the puritan work ethic and personal mission. Does your mission have to be "big" ? Are we required to reach a large number of people? It seems to me that many "Find your mission" people imply you have to have a BIG purpose. I think this is rooted in our puritan/evangelical history that requires that we "save" others. But what if minimalism can also be applied to your mission? To limit the contacts you have, make those contacts meaningful, making your impact truly "local." I would like to suggest that we are not required to "save the word." Some people can, and will and do. But for some people their circle may be smaller. And that is ok, as long as you are being positive and additive in your smaller circle.

  2. I listened to this on Spotify and had to find the episode here just to leave a comment. There was so much value packed into this episode for me. You guys are amazing!! Thank you

  3. I pulled in my mom and grandfather (90yrs old!!!) in at least “half” minimalism. First by doing and they were watching me last year and now they are decluttering. I dont know what happend but my mom for last two weeks is sleeping without any light during night, after 20 years not able to fall asleep without it!

  4. I really enjoyed listening to how Ben views things. Quite eye opening. I have been working on decluttering, physically and especially emotionally. I have been trying to work out my core values, I know sort of what they are but I wondered whether they are truely values or a result of conditioning from childhood. I like the "mission statement" idea – it helps settle my mind and I feel less stressed about it ( I had to stop work due to health issues and the work I did I really enjoyed)

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