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How to gain brown fat | Dr David Sinclair | Sweet Fruit

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In recent years, brown fat has garnered attention as the so-called good fat that can protect against obesity and its associated health risks, like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
Located in small pockets throughout the body, most mammals use brown fat (and its closely related cousin beige fat) to stay warm. “In mice and humans, if you have more brown or beige fat, you are more protected from metabolic disease.
Brown fat gets its color from high amounts of iron-containing mitochondria, unlike the standard white fat linked to obesity.

5 Secrets To Stop Aging Forever, Dr. David Sinclair…
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What is The Secret to Looking Younger Forever?
“Genetics loads the gun, and the environment pulls the trigger.”
Why does weight loss normally show up in our faces as we age, while it seems to get so much harder to lose belly fat? What can help tone the core if we’re seeing this kind of weight loss resistance?
“Really, sitting is the new smoking.”
What is the triangle of youth, and how do we preserve it? How do we slow down collagen loss?
You mentioned that exercise can also make a (youthful) difference on our skin—can you explain some of the science behind this?
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