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Cold Thermogenesis

Michol Dalcourt – Health Coaching, Female training, programming // Marin Lazic Podcast


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Michol Dalcourt was raised on a farm in rural Canada, far from the cities where most Canadian boys grew up vying for top spots on their local hockey teams, watching their idols Saturday nights on “Hockey Night in Canada.” While those boys were glued to their televisions, Michol was ending a long day of chores on the farm taking care of animals and crops. But Michol did not long for the life he knew so many other boys lived throughout Canada. He was unique in that he relished being surrounded by nature and in working the land. He was constantly curious and forever asking questions about how things worked.

Michol’s insatiable curiosity about human design and movement set him on a path towards medical school. One day, while in a cadaver dissection class in university, Michol was assigned to take a look at what a person’s body looks like after years of chronic disease and physical strain. Michol remembers realizing that he could continue on a path towards a career in medicine that would focus on “curing” a person after disease and other ailments had set in, or he could learn to teach people to move better, live better, and use their bodies in a form true to nature’s inherently brilliant design.

It wasn’t long before Michol began training the very professional hockey athletes most Canadian boys grew up worshiping. He trained elite college baseball players and Olympic gold medal athletes.
He taught them what he knew from the farm– the body moves best when it trains in ways that are consistent with the body’s inherent design. We can reach optimal movement if we train the body in integrated fashion, using whole-body movements instead of isolating muscle groups and incurring repetitive strain.
Now Michol travels internationally and among the top fitness educators of the world, lecturing at top fitness conferences. He is the inventor of ViPR PRO®, a fitness tool created in harmony with the whole-body training philosophy Michol has always taught. Michol hopes to inspire all those he reaches through his lectures, ViPR training, through PTA Global, through courses he teaches at the University of San Francisco, and now through the Institute of Motion to stay curious, and take pride in helping clients and athletes move and live well.


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