Saturday, October 16, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Does Sweating Increase Fat Loss? | The Clinical Dose 9

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MassiveJoes CEO, Joseph Mencel, along with MassiveJoes Business Development Assistant, Vince Lawrence, presents The Clinical Dose!

The questions answered in this episode are:

0:13 What do you look for when sponsoring an athlete or an ambassador for your brand? @gums13_stupps (YouTube)
6:44 Does sweating during cardio and/or training equal fat loss? @Devin Foley (YouTube)
9:15 How vasoconstrictive are monster stacks? @clarkecudi (Instagram)
11:12 What do you think is the most over and under complicated muscle group? @richard_b_ray (Instagram)
13:15 Any benefit of using a fat burner while bulking other than energy? @southpaw1985 (Instagram)

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