Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Biohacking India with Kris Gethin and Ben Greenfield

In this special episode of The Inspired Lifestyle Podcast, for the first time Jag has a co-host, his best friend Kris Gethin. And the special guest is one of the biggest names in the Biohacking space – Ben Greenfeild.

Ben Greenfield is a fitness, triathlon, and nutrition expert, and has authored multiple books. His recent book “The Boundless”, is an Amazon bestseller in more than 8 categories.

Ben Greenfield shares his amazing knowledge on what you need to do to preserve your health starting now, starting from basic things like nutrition, sleep and earthing etc. Moving into more advanced topics of EMFs, peptides, supplementation, etc…

Time Stamps:
0:51 – Ben’s experince in India and The Biohacking Forum
1:55 – Is India ready for Biohacking?
4:10 – Ayurveda, Chinese Herbs and Biohacking
6:37 – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT)
9:12 – Patented Vs Generic Supplements
10:09 – Mind Health
13:50 – Disconnect and Meditate
17:44 – Biological Impacts Of Phones
18:43 – Perception of Indian Diets – Ghee, Jaggery Etc…
26:10 – Ancestral Living Vs Today’s Lifestyle
30:58 – Diabetes – Reasons, Effects, Hacks
32:21 – Effects of Dairy
33:16 – Effects of Vegetable Oils
37:09 – Damaging Effects of Mobile Phones and EMFs – Hacks to Combat Thems
45:07 – Indian Pollution and Biohacks To Counter Them
48:45 – Alcohol and Fitness
54:11 – Biohacking In India vs Rest Of The World
59:48 – About Boundless – Ben Greenfield’s Amazon Bestseller Book
1:04:16 – Top 10 Biohacks of Ben Greenfield

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