Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis


I put myself in another challenge. This time the challenge was to stay as long as possible in the iced water. I´ve been expecting to be worse but as an original Greek bastard, I manage to smash it again. I would like to thanks my girlfriend who helped me with recording this video and also encouraged me during this challenge.
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17 thoughts on “ICE BATH CHALLENGE
  1. That was so great my broo!!–and what about the hardest under water challenge ever??–you got it… your girlfriend will stop the timer lol

  2. Εντομεταξη είναι πολύ καλό για τον οργανισμό ιδικά για εσένα που κάνεις και γυμναστική!!! Σιγά σιγά όμως μην πάθεις και τίποτα είσαι του ήλιου άνθρωπος!!!

  3. Vegas vlog

    Loved your vlog! 😝 You totally need to put out more vlogs. You should most def collab with Bad Friends! Their videos hella are like Logan Paul mixed with Mike Majlak!

    Go check their channel out and give the group a subscribe! 👉 #WatchTheBadFriends

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