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CORE SEAR (Stimulant-Free Fat Burner) | Scientific Breakdown

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Core Nutritionals is starting out the new year strong with the release of a very impressive stimulant-free recomposition supplement called Core SEAR.

In this video, Ben breaks down each ingredient to explain exactly how Core SEAR works on a physiological level and highlights who can benefit from this product the most.

Long story short, Core SEAR is a stimulant-free thermogenic that’s formulated to:
– Increase adipocyte conversion from white to brown adipose tissue
– Optimize metabolism
– Enhance thermogenesis
– Improve body composition by reducing body fat levels

To achieve these benefits, Core SEAR uses four key ingredients:
– Sinetrol XPur from Fytexia
– MitoBurn from NNB Nutrition –
– Coleus forskholli extract
– Paradoxine Grains of Paradise from Suzhou Win Health International

If your primary goal is fat loss, you can either take Core SEAR on its own or stack it with some of Core Nutritionals’ other weight-loss supplements, such as:
– Core Burn Powder
– Core Shred
– Core Load

Core SEAR can also be used when bulking to limit the amount of fat gained while maximizing muscle mass. For a full ingredient breakdown of Core SEAR, check out the PricePlow Blog and stay tuned for more videos coming soon. Core has a massive year planned for 2021.

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Learn more about L-BAIBA in MitoBurn:

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7 thoughts on “CORE SEAR (Stimulant-Free Fat Burner) | Scientific Breakdown
  1. What are your thoughts on this:

    Paradoxine™ dose needs to be 180-450mg per day (19-56mg 6-Paradol) for the average person. Most companies confuse the dose of active 6-Paradol with GP extract and only use 30-40mg GP which only contains 4-5mg 6-Paradol, or approx. 1/10th the effective dose.

    So what is the true clinical dose? 30-40mg which is what’s most commonly stated. Or the above?

    Thank you

  2. I tried to get an answer from Core but haven’t heard back. The bottle says to use it before exercise but what about on days you don’t exercise? I’m also wondering if it’s ok to stack this with say Superhuman Burn which already has 500mg of Mitoburn plus 40mg of Caloriburn or even stacking the Gains Candy of those so it would be 1.5g of Mitoburn and 80mg of Caloriburn plus the 50mg of GP that Core puts in?

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