Saturday, October 16, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Manolis Kellis at Athens Science Festival 2021 – Dissecting Disease Circuitry

0:00 Intro by Athens Science Festival organizers
2:23 Intro by moderator Zoe Cournia
4:17 Intro in Greek then English
4:44 Intro to GWAS and my AMD predisposition
5:47 Bridging the gap between SNPs and Disease
6:50 Promise of Genetics and Challenge of Interpretation
9:09 Integrate Genetics, Epigenomics, RNA, Algorithms, Validation
14:11 Single-cell profiling across traits, individuals, tissues, cell types
16:37 Integration with Bayesian, Causality, Deep Learning, Mediation
18:53 Inferring circuitry of FTO Obesity Locus: ARID5B, IRX3/IRX5, Thermogenesis
23:32 Manipulate circuitry to reverse disease phenotypes
26:16 EpiMap: 834 tissues/cell types to interpret 30,000 GWAS loci
26:30 Partitioning complex disorders: Coronary Artery Disease
27:27 Single-cell dissection of Alzheimer’s Disease
29:20 Single-cell dissection of Schizophrenia
30:54 Multi-region spatio-temporal Alzheimer’s Progression
32:16 Spatial Transcriptomics and Single-cell Integration
33:20 Microglia subtypes: Synaptic/Inflammatory in Schizophrenia/Alzheimer’s
33:38 Vasculature zonation in blood-brain barrier breakdown in neurodegeneration
34:02 Coordinated changes in RNA and DNA accessibility
34:32 Excitatory/Inhibitory neurons in schizophrenia vs. Microglia in Alzheimer’s
35:00 Multi-tissue multi-omics of exercise/diet in human/mouse: Adipocyte Stem Cells and T-cells
36:55 Cancer progression during immunotherapy samples
37:28 Electronic Health Record integration with Genomics
37:57 Ultra-high-throughput assays: 7M tests in a single experiment
38:43 Modular and programmable CRISPR-Casa9/dCas9 enhancer/gene modulation
39:49 COVID-19 and SARS-Cov-2 genome annotation and mutation interpretation
41:48 Importance of Academic Collaborations and Industry Partnerships
42:15 Seeking new postdocs for new grants in disease dissection
42:58 Q&A: Interpreting one’s own genome, addressing predispositions
45:30 Importance of supporting science and scientific research
46:10 Limits of genetic prediction, importance of healthy lifestyle
47:57 Short-term vs. long-term impact of research and disease circuitry dissection
48:56 Role of AI in disease understanding/prediction, role of hardware architectures
50:40 Bioethics of predisposition, prediction, embryo selection; importance of diversity
53:24 AI for personalized behavioral recommendations from genomic datasets; exercise
55:18 Long-term effects of vaccines, drugs. Vaccines are safe
58:12 Goodbyes and wrap-up
58:38 High-throughput validation, facility requirements, computational thinking


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2 thoughts on “Manolis Kellis at Athens Science Festival 2021 – Dissecting Disease Circuitry
  1. Very insightful presentation, as usual.
    It was very interesting to hear professor Kellis talking in Greek. I couldn’t understand it, but i liked that he could address directly those who understand that language without translation. Glad that he switched to English for his very informative presentation.

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