Monday, October 25, 2021
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OVERWEIGHT AND DEPRESSED (AT MY FATTEST) – That Fat Guy's Weight loss Journey day 102.

Day 102 of my weight loss journey: After chatting to Lloyd about his weight loss journey and the Mental battles he went through, I felt this video was very much needed. I go over my mental battles when I was at my fattest.

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9 thoughts on “OVERWEIGHT AND DEPRESSED (AT MY FATTEST) – That Fat Guy's Weight loss Journey day 102.
  1. Thankyou for doing this video. I have been fighting my depression since I was in my early teens. Been watching ur videos for about two weeks. You are really inspiring

  2. Well said. This video resonated with me, particularly the effect flowing into work. My mental health certainly is affected by my weight. Started my journey a bit over three weeks ago and going well. When I’m feeling hungry or unmotivated I come to your channel and it really helps keep me on track. Decided to start watching from your first day so I’ve got a bit to go to catch up!

  3. Wow. That was a powerful video Ash. To know that others are going through mental struggles relating to their weight is a very important statement.

    I've not had a chance to watch the fat chat episode yet as I'm power binging my way through the backlog of Daily vlogs to catch up with your present day, but I have to set time aside tomorrow to watch Lloyd's episode I think.

  4. Just come across your channel the other day looking for reviews, it is so good to find a channel that is so real and everyday life rather than somebody just trying to push marketing and try to get famous, You’re a down to earth every day bloke just like me and the next person, i’m not a big drinker so I won’t send the beers 🍻 I’ll send you some coffees ☕️☕️

  5. Dude. As a mental health worker myself, it’s amazing to hear people honestly share their journeys and battles. This is what we strive for. Thank you for sharing. There will be a lot of people that hear this and will help them. This IS a positive conversation.

  6. Well said mate. Asking for help and talking with someone you love is the best thing you can do. Your head will often make you feel like your a burden on everyone and that you’d be better off not here but it’s the complete opposite, you do matter, you are loved and you make a difference to the people around you. Getting your health makes all the difference and taking an hour a day for yourself and going for a walk getting some fresh air is also great for the mind ❤️

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