Saturday, October 16, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Reign Inferno Energy Drink Series Review

Today on WE Shorts Cue The Critic, Matt Zion & Chuck Roland taste test the new Reign Inferno Energy Drink series which includes True Blu, Red Dragon and Jalapeno Strawberry!

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41 thoughts on “Reign Inferno Energy Drink Series Review
  1. Did you guys see stuff in the jalapeño strawberry? I see floating flakes.. Is that the strawberry or jalapeño? Lol

  2. My favorite is bang and the cotton candy flavor its so amazing and give consistent energy not crazy burst like reign or other preworkouts but then again i just got the new reign drinks im excited to try them trm when i workout but so far my favorites are bang monster the sport drink version and reign

  3. My go-to is definitely Bang Rainbow Unicorn, but it's sooooo expensive that I can't have it that much, so if I can't have that, I prefer the normal Monster.

  4. i love the Reign Orange Creamsicle, tastes just like an Orange Creamsicle it blew me away by Breaking Benjamin. lol

    as for these here, they are pre workout drinks and they raise your body temp slightly to encourage you to sweat, so you get more out of a workout, the Red Dragon is fire to me.

  5. "Very white"……..Where's the little black boy going "THATS RACIST!!" LOLing ! Which cracks me up LOLing ! 😂
    Hey Matt 😘😘 Hi Cue ! Hey Chuckhasballs LOLing !

  6. These energy drinks are supposed to have a thermogenic component, which would in theory encourage weight loss through higher body temps. Same as the two Rockstar flavors that just came out. Chances of that being true? 0%. Chances of the Red Dragon being delicious? 100%. Still, favorite energy drink is blue zero carb Rockstar or Acai Berry Adrenaline Shoc

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