Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

The Menopause Fat Loss Formula – How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off!

You asked me, so now I am delivering!
I get asked hundreds of questions about Menopause Fat Loss each week, so I have invited my bestie Kim Schlag to get deep and dirty into the details for you.

This is a thorough discussion about what we know to be true, from an evidence-based standpoint and you will also get the chance to hear about Kim’s new course The Menopause Fat Loss Formula.

Course closes Monday 5th April 2021

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10 thoughts on “The Menopause Fat Loss Formula – How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off!
  1. Thank you for this very informative conversation! I just have a question about the strength training. Is it important to use weights or can I continue to use body weight exercises and resistance bands? I only ask because prefer to get my exercise outdoors which means I can't carry weights around with me.

  2. Thanks, that was very helpful. I especially liked the reminder about NEAT, and I'm getting myself a step counter to help get back to 10,000 steps a day even in lockdown!

  3. This was fantastic! Shared will many friends. Question you mentioned calories do macros matter in the total calories? I understand protein but is there a percent of fat/ carb/protein we should be aiming for?

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