Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Training With The Iceman Wim Hof

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Training with @iceman_hof was a monumental landmark in my life 💪🏽

The experience expanded me and initiated a more comprehensive flow of all encompassing mind-body peace.

That exchange of legendary-life greatly strengthened my already existent, full-out process of transformation.

Those who know me understand my intent to manifest full potential and contribute that meta-energy to those I influence.

A major key is the conscious incorporation of the whole being in all of your transformative pursuits.You must consciously connect with the closest friends God has given you: The Breath – The Body – The Soul. Spirit.

Those who know this^ are more prone to venture into the beauties of life and become adept at traversing adversity.

My close friends (aside from my being) know my lows as well as my highs. I’m not impervious to the difficulties of life. Growth has required them.

But, I do know some psychosomatic “kung-fu.” I can flow and “be formless, like water.” Because of this “flow” there is a rest.

Therefore, instead of taking on anxiety which dulls the senses I observe it, side-step and seize the opportunity to optimize my life – I breath-deep, and connect with “my warm friend, the cold.” An incredible elixir.

I do this not only within the trials but within the victories and the layers in-between. Plus, so much more.

And, so can you 👊 It starts with awareness.Get connected again.

And, if you need a coach…You know where to find me. -Arun


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