Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Winter is Coming!🥶🤧🤮😵❄🌬☃ Ask The Experts Episode #45

Get ready for Winter NOW, before it”s too late! In episode #45 of Ask The Experts, Jason talks about:
Why you can benefit from Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA)?

How do Emotions, Materialization, and Beliefs effect your Health?

Why you should make a plan! How do you work from home?

Wouldn’t it be great to have your individualized Health Plan!

Did you know that people can get yeast infections in multiple places in the body. What causes a beer belly? Why am I bloated?

Now is the time to open the windows and turn the heat on. Old stale air is unhealthy and can dehydrate you. Winter health patterns and cold and flu season:

Why you should drink distilled water if you have Kidney Stones?

Can I add minerals back into my water? Do Children need minerals? Why I love Premier Research Labs pH Minerals and Fermented Greens for extra mineralization.

How do I use a Neti Pot? What solutions can I add to my Neti Pot?

How many masks should I have per day?

Recipe for a Health Morning Tonic:

Who is most susceptible to a Vitamin D Deficiency? Why is Vitamin D so important? Why is Vitamin C so important? Homemade Vitamin C recipe. Premier Research Labs makes a Vitamin D, a Vitamin D3K2, and Vitamin C supplement.

Weigh loss secret:

What Essentials should be in your Natural Medicine Cabinet?

What are mud packs and why should I do them?

How do I get the best night’s sleep?

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