Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Antibodies Were Negative, Zinc Taste Test and More

➢Stay Healthy at Home Bundles:

➢How to get Your Antibodies Tested: This is a finger stick **don’t know exactly what antibodies they look at
**They offer results back in 10 minutes and have draw sites all over the country, partners w/ LabCorp COVID-19 ImmuneCheck looks specifically for IgM, IgA, and IgG antibodies against the spike proteins and 4 viral antigens of Covid-19 Tests 2019-nCoV IgM & IgG antibodies

Zinc Taste Test:

➢ Here’s part one:

Related Video about Ketosis, Fasting and Immunity:


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40 thoughts on “Antibodies Were Negative, Zinc Taste Test and More
  1. I've been following your content for some time. I am a LMT I have a very basic understanding of biology and the way hormetic stress works, but I would like to read more amd understand better. I am looking for book recommendations on these subjects. Let me know your thoughts and love love love your content keep it coming. Your channel is one that could potentially transcend all human lives on the planet.

  2. I am still confused on the topic of testing, Mike. So your results come back negative and in your words may not take social distancing as serious around specific people (ie a friend or parent)
    But if they are A symptomatic and don't even know they have the virus as a result of not experiencing illness, YOU have now been exposed while thinking you are fine because you took a successful test. Either I am missing something or these tests don't REALLY provide us with anything outside of confirmation in the moment. In theory you could walk outside of the lab you were tested at and become exposed to the virus (?).

  3. Hi, hope you read this. You talked about drinking coffee as bein good for you. What about caffeine-free coffee. Will that do that same effect? I can not take the caffeine will caffeine-free offer the same good benefits. Thanks. After over two years on keto when I drink caffeine after a few days I just can not sleep at all

  4. I am missing the high quality videos
    Which antibodies you are testing?
    I don’t get it
    I understand it’s stressful situation for all
    May God give you a peace mind

  5. As always, I agree with everything you said. Good to warn people about taking too much zinc, which can cause copper dumping, which can make people feel really anxious and depressed as their body detoxes the copper. I appreciate you continually pointing out the potential and actual negative side effects of these stay at home orders. This is hard to type but my beloved 31 year old nephew is now another sad example of this. We found out yesterday that he overdosed on something (waiting on toxicology) and died. He had recently gone to rebab, but was doing better than ever and just received his 6 month sobriety coin from AA. I talked to him a week ago and thought he was doing okay. I believe the social isolation, loss of income/worry about his financial future, and lack of structure/daily purpose pushed him over the edge and back toward drugs. It's odd because when I spoke with him last week and we discussed our current state, he told me of a young man he knew of that had committed suicide and how awful that was. And a week later….

  6. I live in Seattle. I had that bad flu that was going around in December/January. I am a healthy 31yo male with no pre-existing conditions. I thought maybe it was covid, so I made an appointment @ arcpoint a couple days ago. Super easy, cost was $99. Unfortunately I am just normal healthy, no antibodies. Hope this is useful for anyone else in the same boat.

  7. What!!! No licking of toilet seats! Haha Mike, I love love your use of common sense. In our country we have taken a pill for the abuse of our bodies, now unfortunately the piper has to be paid. Article in the news how frozen pizza has sold out – too bad it wasn’t broccoli. Keep up the good work!

  8. I wonder how legit the ARCpoint lab tests are. I got mine at ARCPoint in Fort Worth 8 days ago. I was negative and others I know who were likely exposed also negative. The Tech said she hadn’t seen a positive. I believe they started testing non-stop four days before that time. And they were testing a lot of first responders. You also have to sign a lot of waivers before the test. It would be interesting to get serology again later on.

  9. The face mask prevents the wearer from infecting someone else, the use is backwards. . . During opporations ( surgeries) the use of mask prevent germs flowing into the open wound. So, those whom are positive for the virus, or any illness should use the mask, or face cover. . . Not everyone else, which would prevent shortages of the PPE equipment.

  10. Thank you for the scientific paper reviews. I've adopted many healthier habits, since listening to your podcasts. I am amazed that I am now exercising more regularly, going to bed earlier, eating healthier, fasting…

  11. A mask to separate people from their refrigerator is brilliant! The government says you should eat several servings of grains, daily. Zoe says fiber is not an essential nutrient. Why would we attribute credibility to the government?

  12. The quality of this podcast is excellent coming from your phone as well as visual. It is a pleasure to watch and listen for I can receive everything you are trying to communicate.

  13. I am listening for several minutes , you just speak too much around.., this way I get nowhere…we get nowhere…let me remind you, that here , in Europe , in countries – Italy , Spain – people were not allowed to step into hospitals , since it was no space , and the deaths were real and are real…but – it was also published, that it depends how many virus particles are in you. If not many , you can make it , if huge ammount- then immune system collapses or overreacts. So those people were probably overloaded. So this lab made virus is not that easy to countries of eastern Europe is small amount of death early lockdown, older people go first mainly, but ! Young ones passed away, too! Economy is crashed already, still people are afraid to go out…nobody really knows what to do , borders are closed and there are thousands of test made everyday, people with covi.d severe respiratory problems really are in hospitals. They really do need special care…and they really spread disease if there is insufficient protection..well , I am real doc, now working – or rather not – as A.D. Nobody wants to catch it..Italy and Spain and UK is too close – if you have doc friends – they do tell you how exactly it looks in hospitals – in our faculty hospital are several patients everybody is really careful around them- so now what ? For people outside it is – either fun or they really do care. And they are scared..based on evidence and even o.b.a.m.a speech 5 years ago and based on kill Bill crazy plans I totally believe that no other group but globalists could invent such bio w.e.a.p.o.n.

  14. So the vaccines work on healthy people, and don't work on unhealthy people, not much use then…plan b for me…take responsibility for your own health.

  15. You think you know a lot but your knowledge is limited by your experience Advise from a Nurse 40+ years and licensed alternative practitioner. Support people on the front lines of healthcare and protecting the public, ie., WEAR THE MASK, don’t ridicule those who do. I’m an optimist but good habits formed from this will serve you and your loved ones throughout life. 😷

  16. I hate the fact that the personal protection equipment is giving people a false sense of security. I work with it on daily basis, but when people are not used to is they make mistakes. I see people touching their head with gloves, using gloves in supermarket and constantly adjusting their glasses. Driving home with gloves on. Wiring masks the wrong way. I could continue. I choose not to wear gloves or mask in supermarket. Just disinfect the cart, pay by card. Disinfect hands afterwards.

  17. I know someone who was in their 30s, healthy and just passed away from this virus. They were careful. Very sad and this soul was very bright and caring.
    Noone is immune to this. We are all capable of falling ill. The healthier the better, in most cases, but not all, sadly.

    Ive seen people washing hands till they are raw, and thats not good either. Washing away all bacteria and not letting body have a chance to do what its meant to do,could be troublesome as well I think. I am not a fan of hand sanitizer either. Washing hands *properly*is best way to 'sanitize' your hands. But overall health is what I feel and have learned that helps protect us from most anything. Cancer, viruses, autoimmune disease etc. Very happy with the results I am having after taking my own health into my own hands. Sadly some doctors don't learn proper health care and/or can't be bothered to help. So being as I am ultimately responsible for myself, I chose to be my own dr. And I have brought myself back to better health. Dr.s had me going down a dark path I tell you.
    I just hope people take good care if themselves and help others when they can and when its safe to do so. Many blessings to all. One day at a time. Do things for yourself now, which your future self with thank you for.🧡

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