Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Shawn (Canada)


Shawn from Canada began doing cold therapy over three years ago and it has been a staple in his health regime ever since. He started with cold showers and naturally progressed to ice dips in frigid temperatures. In his video he describes some of the remarkable benefits of adopting a cold therapy practice and goes over how you can begin doing it yourself by breaking down different levels of intensity – from low, moderate and high intensity.

Watch him enjoying his dip in Bond lake while giving a scientific explanation on the many benefits of thermogenesis such as fat loss, a boost of our mood and a decrease of inflammation and energy production in the body.

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2 thoughts on “Shawn (Canada)
  1. Great summary. I can vouch for the benefits. I’ve been cold showering daily for six months. I haven’t missed a day. In that time, I have lost 22lbs – not that I was overweight, but I did have love handles and a tummy – I now have abs (I practice yoga and walk 5 miles daily) and weigh the same as I did in my late 30s – 150lbs. I’m now 68 and have the same fitness levels too. Normal BP, resting heart rate between 50-57bpm, no medications, no real aches or pains and I sleep 7-7.5 hours of quality sleep every night, something I hadn’t done for many years. I have more energy too and yet I also feel calm as well. As with anything, if you’re unsure, seek medical advice first. Build up slowly with cold showers – 15 seconds to start with. My sweet spot is around four minutes. It isn’t necessary to stand with your head and neck under the faucet. I always do 15 mins of yoga as soon as I get up, followed by three rounds of Wim Hof breathing before taking a shower. If this is for you – and it isn’t for everyone – build a habit and commit to it daily.

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