Sunday, December 4, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria and Magnesium- A Cellular Energy Essential- Carolyn Dean MD ND

#Magnesium’s role in mitochondrial function is known in scientific circles yet many clinicians have not gotten up to speed with its use and still think of it as a laxative.

Commonly known as the powerhouses of the cell the major role of mitochondria is to produce energy (ATP) in the Krebs cycle, using magnesium in 6 of its 8 steps.

Our bodies make energy by breaking down food into glucose that then creates an electrical charge that is sent across the mitochondrial double membranes, making the inside of the mitochondria negative and the space between the mitochondria membranes positive. This charge potential difference is essentially a battery. The battery changes ADP to the energy molecule ATP.

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2 thoughts on “Mitochondria and Magnesium- A Cellular Energy Essential- Carolyn Dean MD ND
  1. Hello Dr. Dean and Ginney. I think the thing with morley is you disagree on some things but you also agree on a lot. Please consider inviting him to the show I think it could be very productive. He talks a lot about ceruloplasmin production wich i think you also mention in the Magnesium miracle because it needs Magnesium. Also he advocatates high dose Magnesium therapy wich we all know increases healing and well being on its own. Great show as always!

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