Monday, November 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

I’m Taking NMN – What’s the Hype with this “Longevity” Supplement?

My Own Experience with NMN ONLY!
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23 thoughts on “I’m Taking NMN – What’s the Hype with this “Longevity” Supplement?
  1. It’s very hard to explain specific results with NMN. It’s something that IMO should be taken for a good length of time. Unfortunately I’m also making sure to not make claims because it’s a supplement that could be misconstrued. So in short, my personal, anecdotal experience has been a much clearer feeling, I seem to be sleeping harder (more efficient perhaps), I definitely am more alert first thing in the morning, very little ramp up period in the morning. I’ll keep everyone posted as time goes on. But this has been a very heavily requested topic. So please understand the goal is to educate and share my experience WHY I am taking it.

  2. You should probably research taking TMG to support an increase in methylation cycle when supplementing with NMN, NR and/or high doses of Niacin. Could be very important and is often overlooked.

  3. How about the fact that NMN has been shown to grow existing cancer cells. Several people, including Dr. Sinclair have said if you have any cancer in your body, you should definitely NOT take NMN.

  4. Valter Longo, a "non profit" biogerontologist and cell biologist has studied the role of fasting and nutrient response genes on the cellular protection of aging and diseases for the last 30 years, his book The Fasting Mimicking Diet, which again, he makes no money from is incredible, plain and simple advice to a long and healthy life and the '5 pillers of longevity'.

  5. Thank you, Tom. I appreciate your info. You've always checked out when I look for myself. I'm looking for a product. This is a controversial subject. I've been following since spring 2019.

    Haven't made the plunge because I'm still wanting to do as much as possible "for free" via fasting and eating clean. I've come a long way. No point spending this $$ if eating junk, right? And this is a long term commitment to take. I'm slowly building my vitamin / supplement stack & soon I want to make NMN with resveritol a go.

    Cold storage is super important.

  6. I just watched another video showing that if you are older and use it it can have a negative response and may raise risk for cancer… look around before you make a decision

  7. Personal story: I never had worse headaches than when I took NMN. It was the only supplement I added. Any time my heart rate spiked (working out) I had the WORST tension headaches. Taking it out, they went away after a week.

  8. I will say from my own experience that taking verso has super charged me to the point where it compares with the energy levels I get from fasting sometimes dare I say possibly eclipsing it but not always I'm 27 and this stuff is fantastic!

  9. I've been taking NR (nicotinamide riboside) for 3 years with dramatic results. I take Niagen (I'm sure other brands are just as good but this is the one I've been taking ).

    Niagen is the trademark name for NR which is patented by Chromadex and licensed by them. So I'm assured of what I'm getting.

    NMN, on the other hand, has no such protection or guarantee of what you're getting.

    NR is the precursor of NMN, and it's ability to significantly raise NAD+ is proven. However, NMN, according to what I've read, cannot absorbed directly into cells. Instead, NMN must first be converted to NR, enter the cell that way, then be changed back to NMN.

    So what advantage is there to taking NMN?

    I decided to try it anyway. I am very sensitive to Niagen, with a plethora of symptoms that are quite debilitating if I don't take it, which Niagen rapidly relieves at a dose of 250-500mg.

    So for the last 2 days I've only taken this product, NMN. Tonight I had a strong resurgence of my symptoms, and even taking 500mg only partially relieved my symptoms, when the same dose of Niagen would completely relieve my symptoms.

    I ended up going back to the Niagen, and I feel much better.

  10. It is not that straight forward. You should start with senolytics before you start with nmn. After a while start alternating between senolytics and nmn. For mitochondria biogensis you should take pqq. Also in parallel work on reducing inflammation which will help preventing nad+ from depleting, for that take quercetin. When taking nmn or NR, it is important to take TMG as well.

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