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Mitochondrial Health

Biology Bridges: Biomolecules to Biomodelling to Biomimetics

Jagadis Bose Scholars Professional Development Forum

JBSPDF Online Series 2 Event 5 || April 18, 2021
Panel Discussion on Biology Bridges: Biomolecules to Biomodelling to Biomimetics
Dr. Anirban Ganguly (Assistant Professor, Biochemistry, AIIMS Deoghar, India; JBNSTS 2003)
Dr. Sitabhra Sinha (Professor, Theoretical Physics and Computational Biology, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, India; JBNSTS 1989)
Dr. Arindam Basu (Associate Professor, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; JBNSTS 2000)

Host: Debarghya Sarkar (JBNSTS 2010)

Brief Event Description:

In this conversation, Dr. Ganguly, Dr. Sinha, and Dr. Basu share their researches to bring forth a glimpse of transdisciplinary research associated with, and inspired by biology: spanning discovery of molecular pathways, modeling of biological processes, and using those models to develop engineering tools and methodologies.

The views presented here are solely of the individuals and don’t necessarily reflect the official stance of the institution(s) they currently or formerly have professional association with.

Please join us for this discussion.

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