Sunday, December 4, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Optimizing Body Composition with Improving Your Light Environment

Gaining weight during the pandemic has been common for many people

Too much Netflix (i.e. Tiger King reruns) and too little attention to improving your light environment

It is much more complicated than “Calories In, Calories Out”

It starts with light

Your mitochondria (engines in your cells that make energy) are the barcode readers for the “food” that enters the system

Sunlight grows the plants via photosynthesis

You eat the plants (or the animals that ate the plants) and then your mitochondria reverse photosynthesis to make ATP, water, and CO2 (which you breath out and then the plants use to complete the circle)

Protons and electrons

These are what your “carbs” and “fats” really get broken down into

Light programs the electrons

Respiratory proteins play “hot potato” and pass the electron down the chain and at the end the ATPase (a spinning top) pumps out ATP (energy)

BONUS – The deuterium depleted water your mitochondria stores energy in an EZ (exclusion zone), but this is a topic for another day

Leptin is a hormone made in fat cells

Leptin resistance is when the fat cells make leptin, but the brain can’t “see” it. This is like having a broken gas gauge in a car. You may keep on eating (filling up with gas) since you have no idea if you are about to be on “empty”. Leptin is programmed by your light environment.

See the morning sunrise

Eat your meals outside (and away from artificial light)

Eat meals ONLY when the sun is out. Time restrict eating to 10 hour window if you are going for maximal results

Stimulate your muscles. Muscles are your metabolic engines. Resistance training and getting enough protein in diet is key to maintaining the muscles

Be careful with too much cardio. It is not likely to be the key to your weight loss if you end up “eating up” your own muscle mass.

Advanced Topic – cold thermogenesis. How to improve energy flow in mitochondria. I will do another dedicated talk in 2 weeks all about this topic with a surprise guest

Body composition is important for health span

Start with your light environment

Drop me a comment/question below and share this with your friends who need to hear about a different way of thinking about “weight loss”

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