Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Kayla Osterhoff:Biohack Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity, conscious, subconscious mind, psychedelics

Kayla Osterhoff:

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— FULL DISCLAIMER: All the content and info shared in this episode, and this podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only. I am not a doctor, and the shared content through this episode and podcast DOES NOT constitute medical advice. Always consult a doctor for any health-related enquiries. —

In this episode


– Why Brain health is so essential, Brain as software and hardware.

– How to increase Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity

– Conscious and Subconscious mind

– Relation with psychedelics and the subconscious mind

– Best supplements for memory and cognition

In detail:

– What is Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis

– How to increase Neurogenesis: Increase Growth Factors ( Aerobic exercise, for example ), add building blocks ( Choline and Folate for example ), increase positive stress ( exercise, stress, cold thermogenesis and more ) and reduce negative stress ( sleep deprivation, excessive blue light exposure, particularly at night ).

– How Sleep can help to generate new positive neuropathways

– Senescence cells what they are and their potential advantage in neurogenesis if reduced. How having the right balance is essential.

– Neuroplasticity: The ability to re-shape your brain by creating new dominant neuropathways for physiological responses you want more of.

– How to hack Neuroplasticity: Sleep is a must. Having new experiences also stimulates Neuroplasticity ( given that there is repetition ).

– With Neuroplasticity, you can hack behaviours you are not proud of or you would like to change, including how to emotionally respond to public speaking, for example.

– Propensity to be anxious or angry are examples of “negative” pathways you can get rid of by creating new neuropathways through Neuroplasticity.

– Serotonin and Dopamine can be both critical when hacking Neuroplasticity. Gratitude can be a fantastic tool for it.

– Conscious and Sub-conscious mind

– Only 5% of the time you are in the Conscious mind

– Subconscious mind represent the remaining 95% of our behaviour throughout the day

– How can you reprogram your subconscious mind: a shift in perception, psychedelics and more

– Most of your sub-conscious behaviours were “programmed” in your early days

– Psilocybin and depression.

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