Monday, November 28, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Obese Have Higher Viral Load, Shed More Virus (Science)

New data suggests belly fat may be a virus reservoir, enabling obese people to shed more virus

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35 thoughts on “Obese Have Higher Viral Load, Shed More Virus (Science)
  1. Hi Mike, just discovered your channel yesterday. A lot of great content. Thanks for doing what you do in putting out content that traditional media refuses to put out.

    Would love to hear more on your thoughts regarding asymptomatic spread of COVID. I have a hard time believing that someone with such a low viral load so as to not create a symptomatic response from the body could be shedding live virus. The virus has to enter cells of the body in order to replicate and once inside cells, i would think there must be some level of an inflammatory response.

    To be asymptomatic implies a healthy immune system and a first line of defense in a healthy immune system is a mucosal response? Runny nose, congestion etc. So the virus would have to get past those defenses first before getting into cells to replicate and generate enough viral load to shed and spread to others.

    It seems to me that most people who test positive but are asymptomatic, only tested positive because of the high number of amplification cycles the PCR test was conducted with. i.e the body quickly defeated the virus but there is enough virus material left in the nasal cavity detectable on a PCR test if run with enough amplification cycles.

  2. Although I agree obesity is a definite problem. I’m considered obese at 5’6” and 193lbs at around 15% BF. If you are fit and healthy the weight charts generally don’t apply.

  3. Virile shedding? mRNA instructions body to make corona type proteins? Body builds immunity against something it’s made?
    Where do these proteins go? Shedding? When does the body stop creating from mRNA injection? Does this program the body to only fight corona? What happens when another virus comes along and your immune response is programmed for covid? What happened to sar cov 1 test animals? 80% similar to sar cov 2? Thanks for your common sense

  4. Weight loss is 80% diet 20% excersise. Deteriorating mitochondria, accumulated senescent cells , inflammation is behind all health problems.
    Mitochondria #1 requirement is oxygen. Wearing these masks? Over year?

  5. I have to eat at bedtime if I don't I can't sleep.Not sure why lately but I get really hungry in the morning, I use to never eat all day till evening. I use to never get hungry till I would smell food.i feel much better when I don't eat .When I eat I have always gotten tired after I eat .I use to tell my dr all the time .One nurse said it a drop in blood pressure when I digest food only other person I heard mention this is Andrew Huberman.

  6. This was the first time in human history where they quarantined the HEALTHY! Sounds like their experiment failed miserably and caused the obese to deteriorate and INCREASED the number of infections. And they did this all under the pretext of "science". The opposite is true … they conducted an experiment on humanity without evidence that quarantining the healthy was beneficial. They all need to be fired!

  7. The more I learn about obesity, the less I want to pay (taxes) into a system that offers universal healthcare. It's time for a little personal responsibility. It's not hard to exercise and eat properly.

  8. "Science."

    A novel coronavirus has not been empirically discovered. Anyone who doesn't realize that the entire drama is a scam hasn't conducted 5 minutes of critical thought….. a few have eyes to see and ears to hear, yet most are blind and deaf….

    I would suggest watching my video in which I demonstrate how viruses are "isolated" as well as my video "Why Aren't People Talking about This" in which I discuss why nearly all science today is easily classified as junk science.

  9. I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE advocate for weight lifting!! It's soooo important for so many reasons also in preventing alzheimers and dementia. Gotta keep those muscles and bones strong as hell as the years go on

  10. I have to say that I have a great 2019 and 2020. our family biked together and we went to the beach together. I have been lifting and exercising more and more. I am starting to feel not so young but I still have plenty of things I can change in order to be healthier, sleep, diet etc…

  11. — Submissive acceptance without critical thinking and investigation is the Route and height of all ignorance —

    – The PCR mass testing with hyper sensitive (CT) cycle threshold MUST STOP NOW ! this has never in history been done. The testing and narrative being pushed upon the global population, is the single Greatest perpetual blunder and crime in political and medical history. "Variants, mutations, — Second wave – Third wave – One hundredth wave," it will never end. As long as this virus is being compulsively searched for with ultra high (CT) it will always be found! — SARS-COV-2 is ubiquitous and endemic (cannot be contained or eradicated)

    – Secondly, Asymptomatic transmission is completely false, based on zero empirical science and has never in history been a driver of ANY respiratory virus.

    – These two claims from the infectious disease sector and fueled by the media, are the underpinning of the entire global crisis and would literally end the pandemic and all Lockdowns and restrictions Tomorrow!

    – The human rights violations and conduct forced upon the global populations and ALL those pushing a scientifically false narrative must and will be held accountable under the — International Nuremberg Tribunal laws for Crimes Against Humanity — So this can and will NEVER happen again!! Everyone must push back to defend our civil liberties or they'll be lost Forever!
    — China Ideology has replaced scientific methodology, — induction of global hysteria by censorship of facts and reality — (Akin to Stockholm Syndrome at a global scale)

    – The Most Educational 27 minutes ever spent…

    — Absolutely everyone MUST Watch, Former chief respiratory scientist for Pfizer –

  12. It seems Walk-In clinics are not taking patients or not patients with infections (not too clear on this) Was told to contact an Urgent Care Clinic from my Walk-in Clinic? Went to the Emergency Room this morning at 545a in B.C. for a bladder infection. I live about 4 blocks from the hospital. After all the initialization of my CV19 questions, temperature check, then BP and pulse check, then making sure all my info is current, I was sent into Inner Sanctum. Was told doctor doesn't come on until 6 and twhen asked told hat the doctor on duty is all tied up with other patients. I never saw a doctor in all the time I was there. Parking lot and Emergency had nobody in them. Only saw 2 other people come in while I was there. Was told I could not be processed unless I submitted to a blood test first. I have never had to do blood work for a bladder infection before. The desk clerk informed me 3X virtually using the same words (like an automaton) and I kept saying I understand. Then he finally said, point blank that I would not be able to see a doctor unless I had blood drawn to better enable the doctor to diagnose. I said thank you very much and left.

    Medical tyranny is alive and well.

  13. This is not an insult, just a thought and an observation: You look like a serious, intellectual and real life depiction of "Shaggy" from Scooby Doo. Anyway, great and informative video! Keep em coming! Thanks!

  14. Carb cycling and fasting creates the fat loss. Everytime your body depletes glycogen more fat gets burned. So fill up your glycogen then deplete it. Keep doing that over and over.

  15. Kudos to you for your valuable health information and your emphasis on prevention, and metabolic health. However, I think you were doing a disservice to your viewers by downplaying the importance of mask wearing and social/ physical distancing, for the very reason that you are concerned that poor metabolic health is a major factor for contracting serious cases of Covid. Until our nutritional guidelines are changed from the top, people are going to keep believing scientifically invalid nutritional standards. You can’t change that, but you can encourage people to take all the measures we have at our disposal to slow the spread of this virus until we can vaccinate our way into herd immunity. Seems like you do have a political bias on this issue. That hurts your credibility.

  16. There was a mandate in WI – the GOV instated but the GOP supreme court here turned it over. So the GOV keeps reinstating it.
    Its not factual to say that states with mask mandates have more covid b/c of mandates – those places use more forced air, those places have lower economic groups who are front liners and most of those states started late on mandates – so not a very scientific based statement – and you know it

  17. Doesn’t the mRNA “vaccine” create a temporary higher susceptibility to the virus, though? That could account for some of the jump in cases in those places.

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