Monday, October 25, 2021
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Why the Carnivore Diet Didn't Work for Me | Going Over My Genes!

Why the Carnivore Diet Didn’t Work for Me | Going Over My Genes! I think this video is a great starting point for people to start to self quantify their own individual genetic make up. A lot of the time we get lost in diets and fads but fail to realize what our ancestors and genes are trying to tell us. Lots of things get covered on this video but I think that if you are trying to understand what your body is capable of at a genetic level, this is a great place to start that can put you on the right path to better understating what YOUR body requires of you to function properly. We are all different there fore different approaches are required. See what mine is and hopefully it will help you better understand needs.

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11 thoughts on “Why the Carnivore Diet Didn't Work for Me | Going Over My Genes!
  1. Please, can you explain about the gene that appeared with you regarding Coron disease and vitamin C and how can I help myself when I have this gene because you did not explain about it and talked about it quickly without explanation

  2. Iā€™m loving your page. I went down a rabbit hole on genetics in relation to health and your information has been the most helpful! Iā€™m waiting for the results to come in so I can start making changes.

  3. I just don't trust Google/23&me with my info. Have a kit my mom sent me in the kitchen. Doubt anyone on my dad's side will ever submit one. So they won't have side.

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