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Cold Thermogenesis

Healthy ways to boost metabolism

Body metabolism is an important internal factor in your body, which will help you to boost your energy expenditure and get your suitable weight. Being happy, being calm and relax, changing the type and time of your exercise, using spicy foods (Capsaicin) and also other options which we mentioned them, help you to increase your body metabolism.
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We would like to thank the Eastern Mediterranean University for providing access to scientific databases.
0:00 Introduction
0:55 Obesity and its problems
2:13 Ways to get rid of Obesity
2:38 Role of metabolism in the body
3:42 Tips to boost your Metabolism
This video is for educational purposes only and information in this lesson SHOULD NOT be used for medical purposes alone. Although we try to present accurate information, there may be mistakes in this video. If you do see any mistakes with information in this lesson, please comment and let us know.


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