Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

4 Workout Supplements Worth Trying in 2021 (No Caffeine)

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39 thoughts on “4 Workout Supplements Worth Trying in 2021 (No Caffeine)
  1. i love the topic, but i thumbs down for two reasons:

    1) you suggested Citrulline Malte, but in your picture/video you show L-Citrulline, which isn't bonded with malate, and doesn't have the same absorption, nor did you differentiate between the sources of Citrulline…

    2) you implied that just because something is in pill/capsule form, that it won't or can't break a fast… Come on, Thomas… there could be calories in a pill or capsule. I don't know if you're just shilling for your sponsored product, or what. Just calling it how I see it.

    Still a fan. Don't get it twisted. You know I'm just transparent, and that I keep it 100.

    Take care.

  2. I’d love to know your thoughts on Irisin. How our bodies naturally create this but depending on what workout. Maybe this could be on a one of your videos? I only trust you to give accurate information 😊

  3. Next food video would it be possible to cover keto friendly sauces and dips. Like mustard hot sauce. I put horseradish on almost everything and I want to make sure I'm not messing up. Thank you sir and keep it up I love your channel!

  4. The science on the “potential” for this stuff is cool, but for the over 40 Athlete at the end of the day a 90 day supply of tadalafil (5 mg/day) is about $15 with GoodRx coupon. The NO production from 5 mg tadalafil a day smokes all of these supps put together for a small fraction of the price. A legit pharmaceutical and proven to work (by science) and regulated by the FDA so get exactly what you pay for. Monster gym pumps, protection of the endothelial lining, and the list goes on and on. Oh I forgot about the side Cialis side effect that everyone loves😀 And once more about $15 every 3 months

  5. Good morning from Berlin. The advertisements are making your videos a really pain to watch. It would be great to keep the subscription to this channel and watch the useful information you generously give. But sometime I just feel like quitting it and do my research on my own.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions 👍 quick thought on your sisters cold hands – might be worth checking for thoracic outlet syndrome. Especially if she is a climber and would be potentially at risk of blood clots from overhead lifting. Hope this helps 👍

  7. I think you really need to do a bit more research on l-Arginine! What you said in this video is very much opposite to the research of M. D. Robert Fried, Ph. D.! It is also totally opposite to my own personal experience with L-Arginine with respect to Nitric Oxide levels in the blood! L-Arginine also promotes Angiogenesis and it helps to relax vascular smooth Muscle cells. Because of the angiogenesis effects it is not a good idea to take L-Arginine prior to or for a period after any eye surgery as it can inadvertently promote vessel and vain growth in areas of the surgery during healing that could interfere with the retina. What you are saying about L-Arginine seems to me to be just a bit suspect as to your true motivations with regard to these other supplements as it has been proven over decades of use and research to be effective at increasing Nitric Oxide levels in the blood and it has been studied by actual PhD's as to its effectiveness. I have seen patients that after only one dose of 2000mg gain their sexual function back for the first time in over 30 years, I have seen patients able to stop ALL of their blood pressure medications, I have seen patients gain heart function because of the NEW blood supplies grown because of the Angiogenesis effects of L-Arginine! All of these effects were observed while these patients were under the care of an actual M.D. So for you to stand there and say the things you have just said about L-Arginine is in my opinion very, very questionable as to your true motivations!!!

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