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ANTI-AGING IN THE NEWS | Longevity Updates April 2021

IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER EPISODE OF THE LONGEVITY NEWS: We’re back with the latest news in the field of rejuvenation biotechnology and longevity.

We’ll start with a study that shows that diet, exercise and meditation can help to turn back the clock. Next is a study that demonstrates that taking glutathione precursors can improve biomarkers for aging. Then we’ll discuss 3 different studies that show how we can improve age-related loss of cognition.

The first talks about how improving gut health can impact the brain and the behaviors it controls. The second shows that clearing out senescent cells can improve cognition, and the third demonstrates that blocking a pro-inflammatory molecule can reverse cognitive decline seen with aging.

So join us for the latest edition of the “Longevity News.”

Links to studies in the video:
Diet & exercise reduce epigenetic age in human clinical trail:

Glutathione precursors improve biomarkers for aging:

Gut microbes impact brain health & behavior:

Clearance of senescent cells for improved cognition:

Blocking PGE2 restores impaired cognitive function:


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