Monday, November 28, 2022
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Hunt360 Podcast – Hoyt Archery with Evan Williams

Evan Williams is a pro on staff at Hoyt Archery and knows just about everything there is to know about target shooting and bow hunting. Starting as a competitive rifle marksman, Evan fell in love with archery as complementary training to his rifle shooting, and eventually went full tilt, forging ahead into the world of compound bows by joining the team at Hoyt. He joins us to give us tips on picking out your dream bow, how to pick gear for certain situations and environments, how specific aspects of Hoyt bows may be the most helpful to you in the field, and even how to begin your path to being a professional.


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One thought on “Hunt360 Podcast – Hoyt Archery with Evan Williams
  1. Anyone who works in a bow shop, or is trying to pick out a new bow HAS to watch this! Great explanation and breakdown of the bows! For yourself or to pass onto a customer there is a lot of great information here!

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