Monday, November 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Role of Fatigue in Repetitive Strain Injury

Fatigue is a leading risk factor for repetitive strain injury. Dr. Markison explains the value of restorative sleep and understanding your inner circadian clock. Here’s a restorative yoga pose that will help refresh you:
0:00 Do you get tired working at the computer? Do your hands feel heavy?
0:55 Everyone has a circadian clock
1:27 nderstand your personal clock. It’s your best time.
2:20 Don’t ignore sleep apnea
3:22 Sleep helps with arthritis, gout & weight loss
3:55 Sleep also helps with COVID
4:50 What about fatigue from overuse?
5:20 nested clocks in your tissues
5:47 don’t push too hard. You can’t keep up refreshing your tissues
6:56 listen to your typing
729 the faster you go the less effort you want to expend
8:27 listen to your body for signs of fatigue

Image by Concord90 Pixabay


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