Sunday, August 1, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Episode #2: The 10 Most Important Factors to Improving Your Health and Quality Of Life

In today’s episode, Ryan breaks down 10 of the most important factors to improving your health & quality of life (in no particular order):

1) Get enough GOOD-QUALITY sleep daily
2) Minimize stress in your life and practice stress-reduction techniques
3) Dial in your nutrition – eat nourishing foods that work well with your body and avoid harmful foods
4) Live in accordance with the laws of nature – circadian rhythm, sensible sun exposure, grounding/earthing, fresh air, etc.
5) Expose yourself to challenging environments (physically & mentally) and get out of your comfort zone – cold/hot thermogenesis( cold plunge/shower, sauna) , public speaking, social engagements, etc
6) Move your body throughout the day (avoid excess sitting) & do some form of beneficial exercise on a regular basis.
7) Community – Have amazing, loving relationships & friendships with people who you genuinely enjoy being around.
8) Clean up your environment and reduce your exposure to chemicals & toxins
9) Do something you love and are passionate about on a regular basis
10) Dial in your life’s mission, goal, or objective and take steps to work towards achieving your purpose.

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