Monday, September 26, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

POD: A New Mechanism of Autophagy in Mitochondria


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0:00 – Introduction
26:53 – Results
1:01:07 – Conclusion/Take Aways

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#autophagy #mitochondria #mitophagy


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9 thoughts on “POD: A New Mechanism of Autophagy in Mitochondria
  1. Excellent talk, Sir! No one wants to spend a whole one-hour lecture to teach poor students like me for free as you have been doing. Thank you for those lectures and this one, Sir! Hope you and your family are doing well in this pandemic. Excuse my bad English. Wish you all the best!

  2. I'm motivated to understand how things work generally, as well as how things work for me. Given that autophagy is beneficial in the aging process, I'm interesting in encouraging autophagy. In the standard pathway it's encouraged by fasting and exercise. Assuming the research isn't in on how to encourage this new pathway, except through extremely invasive methods, would you care to speculate on how this new pathway can be encouraged through "natural" methods like diet and exercise?

  3. If I became a doctor, aside from clinical work I will also do some basic medical research. For now I have my undergraduate degree in computer science, and few courses in life sciences and chemistry and physics, human anatomy and physiology but someday hopefully I could get into a medical school to learn more… And eventually pursue my interest in molecular medicine.

  4. Awesome basic biology and biology discovery in one video! Get this on iBiology youtube channel as series, on Virology youtube channel with VIncent, on Thought Emporium and maybe even on Software Engineering Daily podcast with Jeff who is exploring options. Subcribed to you on Google podcast and jumped onto the exercise/mitocondria episode right away with knowledge from other sources knowing that athletes often have distinct microbiome set and hoping to correlate.

  5. Fantastic summary, it's rare to find what is essentially a lecture reviewing a paper, as consistent yet thorough as what you've done here. I studied bioinformatics & translational data science, and this was more pleasant than my courses in grad school. Love it, looking forward to the next one!

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