Sunday, August 1, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Sauna Benefits: Brain, Veins, Bone (stem cells) and more

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Sauna therapy has been shown to improve the functioning of the microcirculation, brain, immune system heart and more.

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Several long-term studies have shown that regular sauna users have a significant reduction in risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and various age-associated neurological diseases.

Moreover, sauna therapy enhances immune health, deepens sleep and is a drug-free way to relax.

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32 thoughts on “Sauna Benefits: Brain, Veins, Bone (stem cells) and more
  1. YOU ARE A BRIGHT YOUNG MAN! God bless! Keep it up! Topics of interest: cancer, fluoride, pineal gland, high blood pressure reduction, leaky gut syndrome, osteoporosis,mind/body health connection. Thank you!

  2. Oh, how I miss living in Korea. A sauna on every corner. In the US or Canada, if you live in a metropolis, there's often a Korean sauna/spa available.
    Looove the Himalayan hot salt rooms, filled with mugwort. What I like about Korean spas, is, you don't have to wear a constricting swimsuit and you most likely will be offered a cold bath, hot steam room, as well as a dry infrared room of some type. In Korea, you get an actual "cold room" with walls of freezer coils that have ice on them in addition to all of that. Thought that was the best, until I moved to Taiwan, where they offer the Chinese Medicine bags floating in the hot baths. That relieved TONS of pain. For now, I'm buying a far infrared blanket during Covid. All the spas are closed.

  3. Loved your video. All we have is a hottub and we use that for an hour a day (sometimes twice a day) and that is 103 degrees. We love for all the reasons you give plus sweating out our body's toxins. We are Keto /Omnivore /Carnivore and intermittent fasting and love the effects of all of this on our body. We are 62 and 60 years old and look and feel 20 years younger. We never had time for all of this plus exercise when we were working. Thank you for your video.


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  5. Absolutely loved this, I also watch Rich Roll, Tom Bilyeu, and Ben Greenfield. I love nutritional and exercise content so whatever you make I WILL WATCH, this is my regular entertainment. Thanks a Bunch👍

  6. Mike, I have two things I'd like you to read here:

    1) When discussing sauna and heat therapy I wish more people would discuss the potential for hot bath use. Many people can not afford the thousands of dollars it takes to buy even just an infrared sauna. Hot blanket or portable infrared saunas bring the cost down, but still many could not afford it. Almost everyone has a bath and a hot water heater. I've been using hot bath for a few months now and I'm able to get the starting temp of the water as high as 112F. I'd love more insight on hot bath from folks like yourself.

    2) Unrelated, but very important. I'd like your insight on APOE4.

    Thank you,

  7. Hi from France Mike !
    Since I don't have access to a sauna, I started to do cardio activity, like running, hill sprints and shadow boxing, in a sauna suit. I usually have a hard time sweating since I'm very lean, but I can finally "break a sweat" during a workout with that suit on (the brand that I got is Hot Suit). That would be great if you could make a video on those 🙂 thanks !

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