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April 23 – LIVE Q & A with Lee Hayward (Muscle After 40 Coach)

LIVE Total Fitness Bodybuilding Q and A with Muscle Building, Fitness, and Fat Loss Coach Lee Hayward. If you’d like some help with building muscle, losing your gut, and getting back in shape… Then tune in for our live video chat!

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5 thoughts on “April 23 – LIVE Q & A with Lee Hayward (Muscle After 40 Coach)
  1. Here are the topics discussed during the video chat:

    02:22 – The #1 secret to long term fitness success.

    05:31 – The changes I made in my fitness routine to avoid over crowded gyms.

    06:55 – The "Best Mask" to wear while working out at the gym so you can breathe properly while exercising.

    Viewer Q & As:

    08:38 – [Viewer Comments: Discussed] In New Zealand gyms, no COVID here to speak of, all gyms are open. Feeling sorry for other places still locked down.

    08:58 – Do you think cluster dextrin is the best-powdered carb post-workout? I usually just eat a meal.

    13:16 – I know I need roughly 200 grams (1 gram/lb of body weight) each day to build muscle. But how much added time is effective? I hear 30 grams is the max but then I hear people saying other amounts.

    19:17 – What are your thoughts on legumes as a source of protein?

    21:09 – Is it best to strength train first before bodybuilding to get stronger with lower reps?

    23:48 – [Viewer Comments: Discussed] Thanks for all the help you give on Facebook, it helped me a lot.

    25:44 – Can I use Taco Bell as my pit stop to refuel?

    27:08 – [Viewer Comments: Discussed] I've lost 27lbs in four months, six more to go. Probably will achieve it by the end of May.

    27:55 – ​[ Viewer Comments: Discussed] If you eat Taco Bell, you may have to take another pit stop to the restroom.

    28:23 – [Viewer Comments: Discussed] I think too much protein will cause digestive issues.

    30:48 – Do you want to go for a Zwift training ride this weekend?

    32:23 – Have you ever used a foam roller?

    34:13 – ​Are flax seeds good for young people?

    37:42 – [Viewer Comments: Discussed] ​After I started doing Intermittent Fasting, I no longer have a craving for burgers and pizza. I refined snacks; I feel so good when I wake up in the morning. I'm never leaving Intermittent Fasting.

    39:05 – ​What's the worst injury you’ve had in your bodybuilding career?

    41:32 – ​During fasting, no water for hours not only food, should I continue taking creatine or recycle it?

    43:03 – ​Outside of a good diet and adequate protein intake, what supplements/vitamins do you take and what are recommended for men over 40? Intake of creatine, fish oil, etc…

    46:37 – Are there any benefits to eating protein pre-bedtime? And does it help with sleep?

    48:41 – ​What do you think about Intermittent fasting 16/8 for fat-loss?

    50:40 – ​Tips to lose weight.

    52:14 – [Viewer Comments: Discussed] ​I remember you on how to hold the hand grippers higher up on the hand.

    53:52 – [Viewer Comments: Discussed] ​I might come to Canada for studies. I’d love to meet you, show you my legs, my best body part to train. I love cycling but I can’t do it due to the virus. I have to run on the treadmill.

    54:51 – Do you think 3 days a week full body 5 sets of 10 is too much volume? I’m doing 1 major compound for the chest and back and legs, and then accessory for the tricep, bicep, and ham.

    58:17 – ​Should I work two muscles each work out?

    59:28 – ​[Viewer Comments: Discussed] I like eggs because they are good for protein. ​I mean there are good protein foods, but eggs, nothing can compare.

    01:00:11 – Can you help me with adding muscle?

    01:01:06 – ​Thanks for your video on protein coffee. I loved it but I can’t have it anymore. Do you think it will work with tea?

    01:02:45 – ​How many times do you take to do bodybuilding?

    01:04:44 – ​Is it true that fast-food restaurants (like McDonald’s) have gotten rid of their healthier food options such as salads, grilled chicken sandwiches, and if so, why?

    01:05:43 – ​I've got some bursitis in my right shoulder. Can't do overhead presses. Can you suggest anything for shoulders without arms going above the shoulders?

    01:09:14 – ​[Viewer Comment] Don't underestimate the power of compound exercises. Make sure you include them in your workout routine. They're your best tools for maximum muscle growth.

    01:09:52 – ​[Viewer Comments: Discussed] Apparently caffeine is not good for my bladder. I was really ill last year.

    01:10:18 – ​Eating a carbon copy of your 2500 calorie diet. Used nutritional calculator to figure out calorie intake. Oatmeal with protein is awesome. Reduced some body fat but have plateaued. Any recommendations?

    01:11:59 – ​[Viewer Comments: Discussed] I used to do your plans when I started working out many years ago. I want to thank you after all these years.

    01:13:36 – Stay connected with me. If you need help with a training and nutrition program, you can book in for a Strategy Session Call with me at:

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