Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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HOW I LOST 50LBS!!! | How to Lose Weight Q&A + Weight Loss Tips

Hi, I’m Tiffany Hoy. In this video we discuss how I lost 50 pounds, how I manage weight loss motivation, what I eat to stay healthy, my weight loss journey + tips on how to lose weight FOR GOOD!!! When I first decided to start losing weight, I wanted to see someone honestly share their fitness journey, the ups and downs, and give real (even brutally honest) advice on how they ACTUALLY lost weight – and what they did to stay motivated. My husband (Millionaire Hoy) and I set out to create the video that I wish was there, when I first started on my weight loss journey. We hope this video motivates you to start on your health and fitness journey, and TRUST ME, if I can have success after 5 children, battling lupus, and struggling with trying to lose weight for years, you can too. XOXO

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00:00 – Intro
00:58 – How long have you been trying to lose weight?
03:25 – What was your heaviest weight?
09:46 – What made you decide to lose weight NOW?
15:10 – Was there a wake-up/breaking point moment?
17:18 – How long did it take to lose weight?
20:16 – How did you stay motivated to lose weight?
26:47 – How did you manage your diet/nutrition for weight loss?
47:03 – How often do you work out?
50:13 – How long before you started to see weight loss results?
52:54 – What habits did you need to change in order to have success?
01:01:26 – What were some of the biggest barriers in your journey so far?
01:02:22 – What have been the biggest changes/benefits in your life since losing weight?
01:06:17 – What are your biggest tips for getting started losing weight?

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39 thoughts on “HOW I LOST 50LBS!!! | How to Lose Weight Q&A + Weight Loss Tips
  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to watch this video. We sincerely wish you all the very best in starting and maintaining your health and fitness journeys. If you have any other questions, please create a separate comment (it'll be easier to answer it that way) and we'll try our best to answer it.
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  2. I love the bond you both share. Its so real, motivating and inspiring. I love how supportive you both and accept one another truly. Tiffany is goals, i have said it before. I love her vibe.

  3. Such an amazing and lovely video, I am smiling all the way through. I appreciate hearing your journey together (the interspersed photos are so adorable). Thank you both for always bringing the knowledge and positivity!

  4. Thanks so much for opening up and sharing this story. I know a lot of people have this battle, and there are chunks of information and motivation throughout this video. Keep it up! We're all cheering for you!

  5. really beautiful you shared all this and have so much support and love to each other 🙂 Just wanna add: plant based diet and Mill Hoy workouts rulez!!! Big Hug !!!

  6. Im so glad your doing better Tiffany. I literally love you guys….and baby girl is so grown up. I remember when you were just blessed with expecting her. great video! xo

  7. I’m a subscriber and love Mil and his passion, creativity and encouragement. What I love most is finally hearing Tiffany’s journey. She keeps it real and is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing! A lot of people can relate to her, moms, etc. And she’s gorgeous too! God bless. 💥

  8. I have flat feet aswell and I'm always dragging myself to a cardio sesh 😅I've been having to do low impact as my ankles and Achilles been hurting becuse of the jumping as much as I love a good heart rate spike my feet don't appreciate it so much either.
    Love hoys insight on nutrition and volume eating,you both made my evening alot more cheerful 😂

  9. One of my tips is to spread food out. My fiancé doesn’t struggle with his weight and likes to get KFC for lunch sometimes with me. I make the 3 piece meal lunch and dinner (fries and one chicken for lunch; two chicken and biscuit for dinner). It lets me spread the 1100 calories out over more of the day makes it ok, if I do a light breakfast that morning.

  10. Thank you for making this video, you guys are inspirational and it's super entertaining to listen to you! The chemistry between y'all is undeniable. Looking forward to more sit-down type of videos 🙂

  11. What a wonderful supportive husband! More men need to be like you. It doesn’t help to put someone down for their weight gain! God bless you both! Congrats on getting healthy!

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