Monday, May 17, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Ice Bath | Deadlifts @ Zoo Culture | Semi-Full Day of Eating

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26 thoughts on “Ice Bath | Deadlifts @ Zoo Culture | Semi-Full Day of Eating
  1. Nice vid! Saw you on Dave's vid too but cool to see things from a different perspective and get your take on it. Would you ever do the ice bath again? 😨 Hope you're able to make it back to Thailand soon!

  2. $28.00! Seriously – grab some chicken, curry spice, snow peas, green onions, rice and cook it at the hotel! This fresh food to go thing is a complete scam.

  3. Glad I found you through dave bro, pretty interesting content and you seem to know a fuckton on nutrition. you should make a whole hour video talking about it, plenty of us have much to learn when it comes to that

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