Sunday, September 25, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

If You Can't Lose Weight This May Be Why

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32 thoughts on “If You Can't Lose Weight This May Be Why
  1. My therapist knew from the first or second session my weight was a big issue for me. Prescribed me SSRI and Benzos. I began gaining weight. Asked her straight up if they can possibly cause weight gain, she told me no. I wasn't even on SSRI for a year and I went from a size 6, that I worked so hard to get to after being a size 18 at one point, to a 14-16, in less than a year.

  2. I've always been very skinny. Last year, mid-March I had a very bad "flu". Right after that I started gaining weight like crazy and couldn't lose it. Turns out the flu was actually COVID and it fucked up my insuline and glucose levels, I have prediabeties and thats how I gained all the weight. Now Im on meds, proper diet with good prognosis of losing all these extra kilos.

    TL;DR COVID-19 can actually give you diabeties.

  3. I was losing about 2-3 kg a month consistently before getting on birth control (pill). Then, without my eating habits changing much, I gained 8 kg in 2 months. I stopped taking it after that and the weight gain stopped. Unfortunately it was not all water, since it didn't disappear and I had to work to get it off.

  4. Anti-psychotics are big when it comes to weight gain. That's why is stopped taking my meds. They literally made me fat. Nothing kn my diet changed and I was working out seven days a week, every day for two hours at dance and Saturday and Sunday at home with my dad. He's big on exercise so I didn't have an option. Literally, two weeks after I stopped taking the meds, from 159lbs I dropped to 148lbs then in about two more weeks I was back down to 135lbs.

  5. I think when people that say ‘make sure you weight everything’ it’s coming from a good place most of the time. Like my mum only just realised the her cereal habit was knocking on 800-1000cal per day … obviously see your dr if you think there’s an issue but I get why people automatically think you might be eating hidden calories because it’s so easy to do unfortunately

  6. Listennn. Checking your blood levels is so important. Finding out about my severe vitamin D deficiency has helped my overall health including my weight loss. I had NO clue these things contributed to weight management.

  7. Holy crap what is wrong with people? 1200 calories is LITERALLY STARVATION. Everyone should learn their BMR and ALWAYS eat at a deficit no less than that. If you eat less than your BMR, you will slow your metabolism. the body is very intelligent, it will learn to adapt to the extremely low calorie intake. BMR is designed to tell you what your body needs to just EXITS, no effort, no movement, just to live. If you are already doing more than that, BMR calories is already a huge deficit.

  8. i’ve been trying my best to lose weight i’m 149 cm and i used to be 58 kg now 56 kg it’s been a month or two and my weight hasn’t changed tho i’ve been exercising more and eating normally, i’m currently taking medication such as abdomen pills and steroid pills that i can’t really stop taking due to health issues, the first post kinda gave me hope maybe when i get off them i’ll start losing weight again! thank you for the somewhat motivation i’ve gained from this video!

  9. Wow this one really hit home for me. I’m on a lot of meds, all of which can cause weight gain, yet I’ve never thought that they could be a part in my weight problems. I’ll definitely looking into that.

    And I just want to say, treatment you get from some people in CICO spaces… just yeesh. I’m never asking advice from one of those places again. Long story short that sort of thing just gave me BED which turned into Bulimia. Luckily I’ve mostly gotten over those, though I’m still struggling a lot with BED every now and then.

    But gyms in my city finally opened and my friend and I got to celebrate it by setting new PBs on squats and bench presses, so that was great!❤️

    Keep up the good work everyone❤️!

  10. I am not really concerned about my weight anymore :/ A few years ago I was 1,68m and 65kgs. I am now 1,68 and 75kgs… But I wear the same clothes size. I still have my stomach, just not my muscles, I lost those as I stopped Kung Fu, but I try to get them back. I could even do the thing where you grap a bar and lift yourself up with your arms! I could do that. So I think what my scales shows doesn't really show anything, at least for me. All these numbers are meaningless now. Also contraception pills 😀

  11. I'm not a fan of big pharma and big medical. People keep riding this "go to the doctor" dick, but doctors are there to prescribe shit and get kickbacks from big pharma. No thanks.

  12. I realized recently that my levothyroxine (thyroid meds) might be making my IBS worse. The only levels that are low on my blood work are vitamin D but I was at the point where I was taking 10,000 ui’s a day. The only info I could find, if you are already treating for low vit D and its not changing. Its likely due to malabsorption. This was affirmed to me when I ran out of levo (i know bad) and felt 10 times better and my IBS calmed way down. Problem is you can’t just stop taking levo, but its likely that its affecting my absorption of micro-nutrients. I since have done research into alternative brands of thyroid meds that don’t affect nutrient absorption.

  13. I have seen this a lot where doctors and other healthcare professionals don't take heavy people seriously. (Fat people = lazy people who make excuses) is a ver common assumption people make.

  14. I just wanted to say that your videos are a huge inspiration for me and have helped me lose a whole size in pants. Thank you for keeping me motivated

  15. for me it was working out, i was so weak, and a light workout would make me sleep for 15 hours, i was always told that'll get better if i just keep at it… no, it didn't, tuns out I'm anemic and depressed.

  16. Routine blood test helped me figure out how much of my binging was actually do to very low sodium of all things, because I was taught to cook by someone with CHF. Turns out while high sodium is bad for people with CHF and other conditions, low sodium for healthy people is actually worse than a high sodium diet… I was also making my problem worse by drinking water when I was wanted to binge… Now I drink pickle juice like a weirdo.

  17. Thanks again Luke. I can definitely relate. I've had about 500 kcal deficit most of the time, active and healthy lifestyle, but not one single pound lost… Of course, calories counting is far from being accurate, but yet… damn! I've been totally plateaued for one year and half! My cheat meals are usually a second serving of home made meals or cakes, I don't even regret going to the restaurant anymore.
    I'll see my doctor to check my thyroid. But no way I'll ever give up!

  18. I dance at least an hour a day 7 days a week and lately I can't lose weight unless I eat 1400 calories which leaves me ravenous. I want to see a doctor about it, but I know they're gonna look at my BMI, see that its slightly under normal, and say I don't need to lose weight and I just shouldn't worry. But if I can't figure this out it'll turn into something. I'm sure of it.

  19. I think maybe it's the body crying for something that's missing at times….(nutrients/rest/exercise….etc./veg/greens/fruit, etc.). Meds can interfere too. I like the video. Thanks! 🙂

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