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Cold Thermogenesis

NSG FON 13 Body Temperature/ INC syllabus

This video describes the Basics of Vital Signs
Unit 7 Nursing Foundations B.Sc Nursing Syllabus

Body Temperature
Physiology Of Body Temperature
– Cellular Response
– Central Nervous System Response
Mechanism of Body Temperature
– Afferent Sensing
– Central Control
– Efferent Response
Regulation of Body Temperature
– Physical Regulation
– Behavioral Regulation
– Chemical Regulation
– Nervous System Regulation
Mechanism of Heat Production
– Vasoconstriction
– Muscular Contraction
– Decreased Glandular Function
Mechanism of Heat Loss
– Conduction
– Convection
– Radiation
– Evaporation
Factors Influencing Body Temperature
– Age
– Gender
– Circadian Rhythm
– Diurnal Variations
– Physical Exertion/ Exercise
– Basal Metabolic Rate
– Stress/ Emotions
– Environment
– Menstruation/ Hormones
– Infections/ Pathogens

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