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16:8 Intermittent Fasting – EVERYTHING You Need to Get Started

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16:8 Intermittent Fasting – EVERYTHING You Need to Get Started- Thomas DeLauer

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This video serves as a complete beginner’s guide to 16/8 intermittent fasting. This is what will be covered within this video:

– When to begin fasting (when to stop eating)
– What to drink when you wake up
– When to have your morning coffee/tea
– Working out in a fasted state
– Other fasting-approved drinks
– Supplements you can take while fasting
– Foods to consume that will enhance your fast
– Commonly asked about foods and ingredients (i.e. gum, mints, toothpaste, etc.)
– What to eat prior to breaking your fast
– How to break your fast (what should you eat to break your fast)
– How long after breaking your fast should you have your first big meal (and what should you eat)
– What to eat for your last meal (lunch or dinner)
– When to stop eating
– Which supplements to take during your eating window

This video does contain a paid partnership with a brand that helps to support this channel. It is because of brands like this that we are able to provide the content that we do for free.

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46 thoughts on “16:8 Intermittent Fasting – EVERYTHING You Need to Get Started
  1. I just started my fasting few weeks ago , From 18:6 I switched to 22-23hrs fasting and 1hr eating window and I dont know if this is okay , but I get some results day by day. I lose atleast 0.7kg to 1.2kg depending on what I ate during eating hr. Usually I drink 1glass of water then overnight oats for dinner , then I drink coffee with stevia before I start fasting again. Today I lose 1.2kg. The question is , Am I doing the right thing ?

  2. but lean protein triggers insulin much higher than fat product. I`ve seen some recommendation to break the fast with an egg or a little piece of cheese. Is that ok? What can you say about? Thank you!

  3. Wait… I'm sorry. I'm confused. You said to break a fast with a plant-based shake, but you also said no veggies to break a fast. Am I misunderstanding this?

  4. Hi everyone I just subscribe.
    Ok so I’m starting today 4/20/21 with 194 lbs. I’m going to try the 16:8. And last night I decided that I was going to do it from 11 am to 7 pm . Like I’m thinking a good breakfast around 11am a snack around 3 pm and last meal at 6:45 pm. But Thomas mentioned here that we can drink acv to break the fast and we can drink black coffee wish is my favorite with no sugar. My question is hopefully you guys can help me . If I drink acv and coffee do I do that at 8 am when I wake up? Or do I have to do it during my eating time from 11 am ?

  5. I love the video but can I have the exact time frames like should I eat from 7-3 and fast from 3pm to 7 am ? I’m confused

  6. I would be starting the 16:8 next week and would like to know if I could wake-up with any “Living Bitters” because they contain several vitamins and herbs instead of the AVC?

  7. I stop eating at 4-6pm and eat at 8or 10am. I do drink apple cider in the morning, either in water or 2 teaspoon raw. I drink tumeric tea with ginger, lemon juice, orange peel n black pepper in the morning also n before bed same with the cider. And I workout for hr n half in the morning n drink my green juice after. My green juice includes, Kale, one apple, 4 fresh queeze orange juice, cucumber and ginger. N during the day I put cinnamon in my water

  8. What about pea protein shake after 16 hour fast as 1st meal or hemp protein shake 1st meal? I don't do Keto and what about coffee trigger insulin even if it's black coffee in a little sailing cinnamon I don't think that's best to have first thing on an empty stomach should have the protein first right and then the coffee if someone could chime in I would be grateful. But only if you have firm science to back this up please thank you🙏👊😃

  9. who has sleepless problem? I start fasting at 8 pm in the evening, I do not want to eat at night, but I also cannot sleep, I sleep for 3 maybe 4 hours

  10. I ate only 1 meal at lunch yesterday. Haven’t ate anything yet since then. Wanna try pushing fasting longer lol. Can you drink sugar free energy drinks?

  11. Sorry but I am missing something. How many day or weeks should you fast for? For me I messed up my foot so working out has been tough so I really tightened up my diet. Should I do 16-8 for maybe 5 days a week? One of your other vids had it for 3-4 days I think to stress your body. Just trying to understand the duration

  12. Thomas you and your detailed information has helped me loose 32lbs in the past 2 months and I have 20 more to go, and I wanted to thank you for your time and effort in helping those like myself to regain our health and self well-being. Thank you Sir.

  13. Well some of us work 3rd shift so I had to find a time that works for me and 4am-12pm eating window works for me, then I fast 12pm-4am cause I’m usually sleep from 2pm-9-pm then I get up for work which is 11pm-7am.

  14. Can I drink green tea 🍵 at night after 8 or I will break the fasting also can I drink green juice during fasting thank you

  15. What would be the ideal time for me to cut off eating if I work until 2am each night falling asleep by 3am? I'm currently doing 11am to 7pm

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