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Fungus Gnats: Identification, Prevention, & Control

Fungus gnats can be a real pest for indoor gardeners. They will colonize in a small windowsill garden, or take over a greenhouse if they are left to do so. This video will tell you how to recognize if Fungus Gnats are the pest you are dealing with, how to control their population, and how to keep them from getting established in the first place.

Some products I talk about in this video:
Mosquito Dunks

Nema Knights Biological Insect Control
US not available

Grub Grenade Beneficial Predatory Mites
US not found

Sticky Insect Traps

The microphone I use:
Rode Wireless Go Microphone

There is a lot of information packed into this video. I’ve broken it down into chapters for you:
00:00 Introduction
00:52 What are Fungus Gnats
02:07 Fungus Gnat Life Cycle
03:26 Fungus Gnat Prevention
06:33 Controlling Adult Fungus Gnats
08:41 Controlling Fungus Gnat Eggs & Larva
13:01 Biological Fungus Gnat Egg & Larva Control
20:05 Conclusion

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14 thoughts on “Fungus Gnats: Identification, Prevention, & Control
  1. You nailed every pronunciation perfectly, well done. 🙂

    I swear there are fungus gnats in my house flying out of my diatomaceous earth top 3cm tossed dry soil, so I have to agree and question its effectiveness.

    I have been crumbling up my mosquito dunks and sprinkling them on the soil before watering. The way you are doing it is just so much smarter and less hassle then crumbling them. Thanks!

    Ive been using neem oil in the soil as well, but I think it's too risky (for beneficials)and the wife is a not so subtle 'hard no' on the odour of neem.

    Appreciate the video! Cheers.

  2. Yes Yellow sticky traps work better than any other colour, Fruit flies are mostly tan, but their eyes are usually red. When checking the Yellow cards, Fruit flies look like miniature house flies, where Fungus gnats look like mosquitoes without the proboscis… The Mosquito Bits work maybe even better than the dunks, because it is chopped corncob that makes a nice mulch too… & I have put it in an organza bag in my sprayer… The Mites can be bought at pet stores that handle lizards… haven't tried them yet, the bag in the sprayer keeps them under control. I bought the nematodes last year, before I figured out the bag of BTi was working so well… so haven't tried that either.

  3. I just found your channel and subscribed. Great information. Thank you.
    I have hundreds of seedlings started and we just had a freak snow/ice storm and power outage here in Texas for 4 days. I was so afraid I was going to lose all my starts, but thankfully I didn't lose anything that was indoors. I did lose all of my plants that were moved into the garage for the winter, and strangely enough, I had tiny gnats swarming around them and I had no idea what they were. Now I do!
    It looks like I'll be starting over with those. Happy gardening!

  4. Wow that was really very thorough, PPG! Thank you for sharing it!! I just had my foot in Oliver's mouth (he thinks it's a chew toy)… It occurred to me as he gets wild and starts to reconstruct the living room, I could use that big strip to slow him down!! 😉 We had the gnats at work… drove us crazy! We sure could have used your info back then!! The BTI is really interesting!! The donuts are perfect!! I'm creeped out about the mites too!! Eeek!! I like the nematodes idea too! Thanks so much, my friend! Very helpful!! Cheers!💚

  5. I saw a few tiny bugs around my indoor plants in the room where I grow them under lights with a humidifier. Smaller than fruit flies. It’s gotten dryer in the house the last few days and I have not seen them. I’m not sure if they are fungus gnats, though. If they get bad I spray with insecticidal soap.

  6. Great video thank you. Are the dunks safe to use during seed germination and seedling stage? Also are they still effective when used as part of bottom watering rather than pouring on top of the soil?

  7. Very nice presentation of the problem and options to solve it.
    Those fungus gnats keep alternating between my pepper plants and invertebrate enclosures. I really appreciate insects, but I have to actively fight fungus gnats to keep the population down.
    On the other hand they are useful feeders to raise very small jumping spiders or mantids…

  8. Great video! I wonder if a high concentrate of Permethrin 10 mixed in the soil would do anything? I know it's a contact spray that kills every bug and beatle I've ever known. It's organic of course. Just a thought. Thanks for sharing!! Central IN, US, zone 6A.

  9. Hi PPG, I used hydrogen peroxide 50 – 50 mix for a problem that I had when not microwaving my compost and after 3 or 4 days I was clear of the gnats, I now microwave my potting compost and I have had no problems but I do not microwave any potting on compost that I leave in the greenhouse, I like the idea of those doughnut rings I might get some for all my other compost, Thank for the video, Take care.

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